Download all the documentation you need for C-TEC’s 800 Series devices from the list below (content is listed in alphabetical order by product part code):

NC302RXC IR Receiver Instructions – DNU302161635.49 KB Download
NC432/NC432W IR Pendant Transmitter Instructions – DNU43200041.34 MB Download
NC802DB/DM Call Point Instructions – DNU802410039.01 KB Download
NC802DEB-1/2 Call Point Instructions – DNU802420041.59 KB Download
NC804DE/DEM Call Point Instructions – DNU804410038.05 KB Download
NC805P/AS Pneumatic Pad & Airswitch Instructions – DNU800805031.47 KB Download
NC805MD Portable Bed Leg Movement Detector Instructions – DNU10100157.32 KB Download
NC806C Overdoor Light Instructions – DNU806C10031.66 KB Download
NC806CS Overdoor Light & Sounder Instructions – DNU806020041.48 KB Download
NC807C Ceiling Pull Instructions – DNU8070100958.25 KB Download
NC809DB/M Reset Point Instructions – DNU809410059.32 KB Download
NC809DBBT Accessible Toilet Alarm Reset Point Instructions – DNU8094200160.02 KB Download
NC883D 12v Relay Unit Instructions – DNU088300054.87 KB Download
NC888D Remote Sounder Instructions – DNU888410096.40 KB Download
NC889ERM Multi-Purpose Call Latch Module Instructions – DNU0889001285.07 KB Download
NC894DKB/M Monitoring Point Instructions – DNU894410073.52 KB Download
NC899IRR Isolatable Reset Point Instructions – DNU302141438.69 KB Download
NC910/20 Call Controller Instructions – DNU09200001.52 MB Download
NC930 12V 250mA PSU Instructions – DNU093000021.75 KB Download
NC941/SS Call Controller Instructions – DNU0941099396.18 KB Download
NC943B Call Controller Instructions – DNU0943000322.32 KB Download
QT412 IR Transmitter Instructions (800 Series) – DNU4120002666.91 KB Download
QT424/10 Charger Instructions – DNU0424000148.42 KB Download
QT616 Quantec Fall Sensor Instructions – DNU61600011.03 MB Download
QT644 Floor Pressure Mat Datasheet – uncontrolled document791.42 KB Download