CAST Devices Documentation & Downloads

Download all the resources you need to install and set-up C-TEC’s CAST devices using the links below


CAST Detector Base Wiring Instructions – DFU0002408237.79 KB Download
CA402 CAST Programmable Heat Detector – DFU4020000356.84 KB Download
CA414 CAST Programmable Multi-Sensor Fire Detector – DFU4140000362.24 KB Download
CA416 CAST Optical Smoke Detector – DFU4160000359.16 KB Download
CA470 CAST Manual Call Point Instructions – DFU4700000309.89 KB Download
CAST Base Sounder/VAD Range Instructions – DFU4315010563.07 KB Download
CAST Hi-Output Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU43050101.74 MB Download
CAST Base Voice Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU4545000342.20 KB Download
CAST Hi-Output Voice Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU44650001.57 MB Download
CA730 CAST I/O Unit Instructions – DFU7300000290.39 KB Download
CA731 CAST Mains I/O Unit Instructions – DFU7310000331.31 KB Download
CA732 CAST Zone Monitor Instructions – DFU7320000284.19 KB Download
CA734 CAST Mini I/O Unit Instructions – DFU7340010295.98 KB Download
CA738 Sounder Control Module Instructions – DFU0007380248.79 KB Download
CA739 4-8 Way Sounder Controller Instructions – DFU0007390487.96 KB Download
CA741 CAST Flood Sensor – please contact our technical department56.00 KB Download
CAPROG Handheld Device Programmer/Testing Tool – DFU4165000168.15 KB Download