CFP ActiV Resources

Download all your CFP & ActiV resources using the links below

CFP Standard Fire Panel Engineers Manual – DFU7004010 3.09 MB Download
CFP Fire Panel User Manual – DFU7001020 566.02 KB Download
CFP Repeater Panel Instructions – DFU7003001 605.85 KB Download
CFP Relay Card Instructions – DFU7620001 108.82 KB Download
ActiV Fire Detector Base Wiring Instructions – DFU0000408 129.39 KB Download
ActiV Base Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU4311000 473.92 KB Download
ActiV Base Sounders Polar Diagram – DFU4311010 267.81 KB Download
ActiV Base Voice Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU4541000 240.94 KB Download
ActiV Hi-Output Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU4301000 1.75 MB Download
ActiV Hi-Output Sounders Polar Diagram – DFU4301010 228.12 KB Download
ActiV Hi-Output Voice Sounder Instructions – DFU4461000 3.10 MB Download
BF431QCP Quick Connect Plate Instructions – DFU4310020 364.29 KB Download
App Note – How to put a CFP Panel into Walk Test Mode – DFU0000702 173.80 KB Download
App Note – How to Disable/Enable a CFP Fire Panel’s Functions – DFU0000704 104.23 KB Download
App Note – Connecting multiple CFP Fire Panels – DFU7002137 300.11 KB Download