ENVISION Resources

Download all your Envision Fire IOT resources using the links below

Here are all the help videos and links you will need to connect your ENVISION Fire IoT Hub to a ZFP or XFP addressable fire panel. Also detailed is how to connect your Hub to the Cloud and guidance on how to use all of our ENVISION related software and Apps. For a more general overview of ENVISION’s features click here.

Please note Provider Training (usually undertaken by the organisation who purchased the Hub) MUST be completed before any of the steps below are undertaken as they assume the Provider will have set-up a site account for the Hub to connect to. If Provider Training has not yet taken place, please contact support@c-tec.co.uk

We recommend all tasks are completed in the order detailed.

1. Load the latest ENVISION Fire IoT firmware onto your Hub’s SD Card

2. Wire your IoT Hub to a ZFP fire panel

3. Set-up your ZFP fire panel to work with ENVISION using its programming tools

4. Configure your IoT Hub using C-TEC’s IoT Set-up App

C-TEC loT Setup


5. Pair your IoT Hub to a panel/site using the ENVISION App

6. Register your devices on ENVISION

Additional Help Videos

The following videos explain how to unlock more of ENVISION’s features. These videos will be added to on an ongoing basis. If you cannot find the information you require please contact support@c-tec.co.uk for advice and guidance.

ENVISION Fire IoT Preliminary Datasheet – uncontrolled document 519.60 KB Download