Fire Ancillary Resources

Download all your fire ancillary resources using the links below

BF318 Remote Indicator Instructions – DFU031800075.49 KB Download
BF319 Mains Keyswitch Instructions – DFU000031998.33 KB Download
BF320 Pillow Pad Instructions – DFU3200000145.76 KB Download
BF320JP Jack Plate Instructions – DFU3200001171.25 KB Download
BF354 Interface Board Instructions – DFU3540000954.84 KB Download
BF356 Fibre Optic Transceivers Instructions – DFU5000508176.82 KB Download
BF357 Document Box Instructions – DFU35700001.06 MB Download
BF359/1 IP66 Rated Enclosure Instructions – DAU0359000642.36 KB Download
BF359/3 Glazed Stainless Steel Enclosure Instructions – DAU0359003886.81 KB Download
BF360SP STU Plate Instructions – DFU0360002184.00 KB Download
BF362 Barrier Interface Instructions – DFU362000031.85 KB Download
BF365 Sounder Isolator Instructions – DFU3650100489.47 KB Download
BF366 Isolable Relay Instructions – DFU0366000377.28 KB Download
BF367 Auxiliary Device Isolator Instructions – DFU036700048.04 KB Download
BF376 24V 5A Relay Instructions – DFU037600057.69 KB Download
BF378M Minimu Instructions – DFU47800001.34 MB Download
BF431QCP Quick Connect Plate Instructions – DFU4310020364.29 KB Download
BF-DP Retrofit Decor Plate Instructions – DFU4310050401.61 KB Download
BFIPPLATE/R Protection Plate Instructions – DFU45000202.05 MB Download
FF502P Sounder Extender Kit Instructions – DUF502000073.60 KB Download
NCP23/24/25/26 Surface Interface Plates Instructions – DNU00000232.03 MB Download
NCP27 Adaptable Conduit Box Instructions – DNU0000027938.11 KB Download
App Note – How to connect an FF502P sounder extender to an XFP CAST system – DFU50100501.48 MB Download