XFP Fire Resources

Download all your XFP Apollo/Hochiki fire panel & XP95 Sounder/VADs resources using the links below

XFP Apollo/Hochiki Single Loop 16 Zone Fire Panel Engineering Manual – DFU1200510 4.92 MB Download
XFP Apollo/Hochiki 1-2 Loop 32 Zone Fire Panel Engineering Manual – DFU2200510 1.09 MB Download
XFP Apollo/Hochiki Fire Panel User Manual – DFU2000510 846.26 KB Download
XFP Apollo/Hochiki Fire Panel Quick Start Guide – DFU2200533 1.93 MB Download
XFP510-16 Repeater Panel Instructions (all protocols) – DFU1200502 889.29 KB Download
XFP510-32 Repeater Panel Instructions (all protocols) – DFU2200502 293.59 KB Download
XP95/Discovery Base Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU4310000 341.32 KB Download
XP95/Discovery Base Sounders Polar Diagram – DFU4310007 261.31 KB Download
XP95/Discovery Base Voice Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU4540000 260.68 KB Download
XP95/Discovery Hi-Output Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU4300000 1.36 MB Download
XP95/Discovery Hi-Output Sounders Polar Diagram – DFU4300007 491.62 KB Download
XP95/Discovery Hi-Output Voice Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU4460000 1.30 MB Download
XP95/Discovery Compact Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU4500000 278.55 KB Download
XP95/Discovery Compact Sounders Polar Diagram – DFU4500007 232.16 KB Download
XFP508X XP95/Discovery Hush Button Instructions – DFU0005081 282.22 KB Download
XFP508H Hush Button Instructions – DFU0005082 286.12 KB Download
App Note – How to set up a PC’s Serial Comm Port for an XFP Fire Panel or Quantec Controller – DFU0000232 431.76 KB Download
App Note – How to set up an Input/Output Unit on an XFP Fire Panel – DFU0000242 254.09 KB Download