By Royal Appointment!

An array of C-TEC life-safety equipment has been installed at a revolutionary new £5M integrated health centre in Burnley, the construction of which was inspired by HRH Prince Charles.

The idea for a centre devoted to health, well-being and learning arose during discussions between representatives of Lancashire County Council and Prince Charles at Clarence House in 2007. The Fold was finally completed in 2011 and has proved an outstanding success with the residents of Burnley.

Installed in the main foyer is one of C-TEC’s innovative SigTEL disabled refuge controllers, connected to four hands-free outstations situated in the clearly marked refuge areas around the three-storey building. In an emergency, the system will enable two-way communication between rescue teams and disabled people waiting in the refuge areas.

Said Ashley Holt of Amsec UK, the specialist company that completed the project: “Demand for disabled refuge systems is at an all time high as the Building Regulations state that they should be installed in all new buildings with more than one storey. We specify C-TEC’s refuge equipment because it is cost-effective, easy-to-install and very user-friendly.”

C-TEC’s powerful addressable call system, Quantec, is used to facilitate communication throughout the centre which encompasses an extensive range of mental health, dental and family support clinics. For instance, each consultation room has been fitted with a call point to provide staff with reassurance that they can call for help should a difficult situation arise. Quantec also provides emergency call facilities in each of the disabled persons’ washrooms.