Waterway to go!

C-TEC’s EP203 auto-extinguisher panel has been installed at the new £3 million headquarters of Waterways Ireland in Eniskillen, County Fermagh.

Waterways Ireland is the North/South implementation body responsible for the management, maintenance, development and restoration of the inland navigable waterways, principally for recreational purposes. The organisation’s impressive new building is located on the Sligo Road and provides a top quality-working environment for Waterways Ireland staff based at the site.

Two EP203 panels are now in operation – one in the computer server room safeguarding IT networks/computers and another in the building’s archive department protecting precious documentation. Fully compliant with EN12094 part 1, the EP203 functions as a standard three-zone fire panel with extra circuitry for controlling the release of fire suppressing gas into areas where fires need to be extinguished quickly with minimal damage to equipment.

Said John Nesbitt of Atlas Fire & Security, the company which installed the system: “C-TEC’s EP203 is a top quality product but is also priced very competitively. We particularly like the large graphical display with two-colour backlight which makes it very easy-to-install and operate”.