Courting Success!

C-TEC’s Quantec addressable call system has been installed at Abbey Court Independent Hospital, a purpose-built facility in Cheshire for people with dementia and other mental health needs.

Efficiency is essential in any care environment and Quantec’s powerful features help to save staff time, minimise disturbance and improve patient care at the 30-bedroomed hospital in Warrington which is managed by Alternative Futures Group, a charitable organisation providing support, care, specialist services and accommodation for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities.

Quantec’s unique staff pendants ensure that patients receive the highest standards of care at the facility which is split into two sections – a 20-bedroomed unit housing people living with dementia and a 10-bedroomed unit for people with severe and enduring mental health problems. The pendants (each programmed with a unique User ID) allow nursing or security staff entering rooms to log their ‘Attendance’ via an infrared call point or receiver. By clicking their special infrared pendant, every visit to a room is logged in Quantec’s datalogger or Surveyor software.

According to Graham Bell of Solid State, the specialist electrical installation company that completed the project, this has enormous advantages. Said Graham: ‘The benefits of Quantec’s Attendance feature are immense – managers can rest assured that patients are being cared for and regularly checked on and staff can use the system to prove they are doing their job properly”.

Combined with the User ID function, which pinpoints exactly which member of staff has attended each room, Attendance is an incredibly powerful tool.