Leading the Way!

A pioneering NHS Trust has selected C-TEC’s revolutionary range of Quantec Dementia products for its flagship Dementia Intensive Care Unit.

Designed for people affected by dementia, Alzheimers and other degenerative illnesses, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation NHS Trust’s 36-bed facility is set to become a blueprint for other health care organisations seeking to create similar Centres of Excellence. The Trust called on C-TEC to create a powerful dementia care solution for the facility and, as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of call systems and assistive technology, C-TEC was in a perfect position to assist.

Said Philip Green, Senior Engineer at C-TEC’s Research and Development Facility: “As the unit is the first of its kind, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to design the equipment in consultation with the Trust. The project was highly successful on many levels. Not only have we created an excellent dementia care solution, but we have been given a unique insight into the needs of dementia sufferers which is certain to prove invaluable in further developing the product range”.

At the heart of the system is a Quantec QT601-2 Master Controller. Situated in the reception area, this connects to 36 of C-TEC’s new QT630 Dementia Control Units installed outside each of the 36 bedrooms.

Inside each room, the QT630 operates dementia care ancillaries such as wall-mounted PIRs, designed to alert staff if movement is sensed to alert them to wandering patients. Enuresis (bed wet) sensors have been placed under bed sheets to trigger a call if moisture is detected in a bed. Infrared ceiling receivers have also been installed to pick up calls made by staff infrared transmitters.

Outside each room, a status controller allows staff to isolate/arm the system, to put it into ‘Presence’ (to alert people that they are in the room) or to reset any active calls. To prevent patients from wandering into other patients’ rooms, external doorbells have been installed. The doorbells will trigger a call when pressed by a patient trying to gain access to a room to alert staff. Overdoor lights and corridor display units have also been installed to indicate ‘Presence’, ‘Call’, ‘Help Required’ and ‘Attack’ conditions.

Said Robert Forster, Estates Manager of the Trust: “The new Unit is at the core of the Trust’s dementia care service and we were very impressed by C-TEC’s knowledge and expertise. The equipment installed at the Unit is first-class and certain to contribute to our growing reputation as one of the leaders of outstanding dementia care.”

C-TEC’s new dementia care range has been designed to meet growing demand from the care industry for innovations to aid dementia sufferers. The range includes enuresis (bed wet) sensors, bed/chair exit sensors, PIRs, floor pressure mats and LED lights, all of which can be easily interfaced to existing Quantec systems, thus representing excellent value for money.