Orchestral Manoeuvres!

C-TEC’s innovative XFP addressable fire alarm control panel is playing a star role safeguarding Liverpool’s Friary, the rehearsal theatre of the world-famous Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The panel is situated in the main foyer of the Friary and connects to over 200 Apollo XP95 devices networked around the main building. Rather than using numerous detectors, this innovative design utilises a series of powerful intelligent beam detectors, positioned on and powered by the loop.

Key to the specification of the XFP for this project was the fact that the panel can be easily programmed to prevent the likelihood of false alarms occurring. This feature, explains Paul Earnshaw of Amsec UK, the specialist installation company which installed the system, is absolutely essential in any live entertainment venue.

Says Paul: “A false fire alarm can be catastrophic for a venue recording live performances. A full-scale evacuation can cost thousands of pounds not to mention a ruined recording. C-TEC’s XFP allows a three-minute delay to be programmed into the panel so that, if a call point is activated accidentally, the alarm can be silenced before the system goes into full alarm. This investigation period is, therefore, essential in preventing the unnecessary evacuation of a building.”