Parking Paradise!

C-TEC’s SigTEL disabled refuge system has been installed at an impressively refurbished multi-storey car park at Doncaster’s Civic and Cultural Quarter.

In a project costing £2.5m, the ‘Muse’ multi-storey has been completely transformed to house 850 car parking spaces, a new entrance and exit, a CCTV system, new lifts and improved access to the new public square and Waterdale area of the town.

Key to the safety of the building, which has been carefully refurbished to blend in with the existing environment, is C-TEC’s SigTEL disabled refuge system. Two 8-line flush-mounted master EVC control units are located on the ground floor and connected by 2-core enhanced fire rated cable to 16 outstations on the stairwells of the building.

In a crisis situation, SigTEL will facilitate effective two-way communication between building management and people located in the refuge areas, firstly to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and, secondly, to reassure people help is on the way.

Says Chris Harris, Managing Director of ARC365 Ltd, the company which carried out the installation: “SigTEL is undoubtedly the best disabled refuge system on the market. Not only is it fully compliant with BS 5839 Part 9 but it is also very reliable, easy-to-install and simple to operate.”