C-TEC’s powerful CAST ZFP addressable fire system is protecting a magnificent residential development in South Africa’s Cape Town.

Owned by the Rawson Property Group and located in one of the most beautiful areas of the city, Newlands Peak is an ultra-modern 11 storey development featuring a restaurant, state-of-the-art fitness centre and rooftop deck with two heated swimming pools.

In a project supplied by C-TEC’s South African distributor, Brigit Fire, a series of 8-loop CAST ZFP touchscreen-controlled fire systems were specified for the building by top consulting engineers, De Villiers & Moore, and installed by Manyene Holdings, the Cape Town-based specialist systems integrator.

All-encompassing fire detection

Divan Lerm of Brigit’s Detection and Special Risk Sales Department said: “CAST was selected for its capacity to create a powerful high-quality system. As each panel can easily accommodate over 25 base sounder visual alarm devices per loop plus smoke, heat and multi-sensor devices, this meant that the client’s requirement to equip all 260 apartments with all-encompassing fire detection could be satisfied efficiently and cost-effectively.

“The ability to set the sensitivity thresholds on the smoke, heat and multi sensors to minimise false alarms via the programming tools was also hugely importantly to our client due to the multi-occupancy nature of the building. This is such an excellent feature.

“The project took place over a period of five months and we received invaluable sales and technical support from the C-TEC team throughout.”

The world’s most-advanced fire alarm system protocol

Conceived and designed by C-TEC as part of a 10-year, multi-million-pound project, CAST is the world’s most-advanced ‘distributed intelligence’ fire alarm system protocol.

CAST’s cutting-edge control panels, detection and alarm devices are all designed and manufactured at the company’s state-of-the-art UK production facility to guarantee that every single component integrates flawlessly to create systems that work perfectly – from a simple ‘one out, all out’ system to a sophisticated multi-panel networked system.

All CAST systems are also fully compatible with ENVISION, C-TEC’s powerful Cloud remote access, data management and system testing software.

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