Relay Away!

C-TEC’s innovative keyswitch isolatable relay is playing a key role at an impressive new care facility in Norway.

Home to over one hundred residents, Stovner Forest Nursing Home in Oslo is fully equipped with modern state-of-the-art facilities including spacious living areas, a day centre and landscaped gardens.

C-TEC’s keyswitch isolatable relay is central to the home’s life-safety systems. With its capacity to disable communication between the sprinkler system and the fire alarm system when routine test and maintenance is taking place, the BF366 prevents the system from activating accidentally. Furthermore, the vital device indicates when communication is disabled – to show that the sprinklers have been temporarily isolated.

Said Trond Rossing of Schneider Electric, the company which oversaw the project: “In Norway, virtually every new build is required to have a unified sprinkler and fire alarm system. Therefore, C-TEC’s isolatable relay is essential for installations of this nature as it provides a fundamental link between the two systems and enables communication to be disabled at any time. “