Safe and Sound!

Big Self Storage

C-TEC’s innovative ZFP addressable fire alarm system is protecting Big Padlock Wrexham, a high-tech self-storage facility in Wales. 

With a solid reputation for providing top-notch self-storage solutions to domestic and commercial clients, Big Padlock operates from eight locations throughout the North West. The company’s state-of-the-art Wrexham site combines a mixture of business centres, office space, warehouses and workshops and also offers bespoke facilities for architects, solicitors, tradesmen and eBay and Amazon sellers. 

As storage areas are typically classed as high fire risk, careful consideration was given to fire protection and security on the site. The system features a powerful ZFP touchscreen-controlled 2-loop fire panel in the reception area, connected to a series of Apollo detectors and C-TEC’s high-performance EN54-certified sounder VADs throughout the buildings. 

Programmed for simultaneous evacuation, i.e., ‘one out, all out’, in the event of a fire, the system also interfaces to a sprinkler system to ensure that, if a sprinkler is set off, it will also activate the fire alarm system. A digital CCTV system, door entry system and 24/7 security/intruder system are also in operation at the multi-purpose facility.

Said Phil Lomas, the owner of Liverpool-based G3 Security Systems, the specialist fire company responsible for the project: “Big Padlock’s standards are extremely high hence the specification of a top-quality fire alarm system to provide the site and its staff and clients with maximum safety and protection. We’ve used C-TEC’s products for many years due to their quality, reliability and ease-of-install. The fact that they are a UK manufacturer and offer excellent technical support is a huge bonus.”