C-TEC’s powerful life-safety technology is protecting people living at a state-of-the-art independent housing scheme in Norfolk.

Set in the heart of The Broads, Swallowtail Place provides a hub of care and support for residents who live in their own apartments under a tenancy agreement with Saffron Housing Trust.

Leading specialist systems provider, Pro-Tech Solutions, installed a host of systems at the site including a ZFP CAST addressable fire alarm system, a Hush Pro domestic fire system and an ENVISION Cloud based fire IoT remote access, monitoring and system test software solution.

Each of the 58 apartments is equipped with an easily reachable low-level Hush Pro controller, linked to a series of Hush Pro smoke detectors, base sounders, multi-sensors, and heat detectors. These components seamlessly integrate with a network of C-TEC’s CAST 4-loop ZFP addressable fire control panels, ensuring comprehensive fire and fault monitoring throughout the building.

As a fully-monitored BS 5839-6 Grade C system, Hush Pro reports any compromises immediately to the building management team, enabling swift resolution of the fault and restoration of full fire detection coverage to the apartment. The system also incorporates features that intelligently distinguish between real fire threats and non-threatening events thus reducing false fire alarms, unnecessary call-outs and the risk of a real fire alarm being ignored.

Lee Bryant, Pro-Tech Solutions’ Business Manager said: “Fire safety management is absolutely vital in residential buildings housing vulnerable people and our client is delighted with our solution which offers the highest levels of fire protection. ENVISION, C-TEC’s fire IoT data management system, is also in operation, overseeing the entire system and providing an added layer of protection for residents and staff.”

“The project has been a very positive experience. C-TEC’s systems are very versatile and easy-to-install particularly CAST ZFP as it has an auto learn function and intuitive touch screen. We have many more similar projects in the pipeline and will definitely be utilising these systems again.”