Hush Pro, C-TEC’s revolutionary BS 5839-6 Grade C domestic fire alarm system, is protecting a radically renovated historic building in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Built in 1839 by local architect, William Owen, and located in the ancient county town of Haverfordwest, Pembroke House is a Grade II listed building which has been transformed from a derelict hotel into 32 high-quality affordable housing apartments.

Each studio features an easily accessible low-level Hush Pro Controller connected to a series of Hush Pro smoke detectors, base sounders, multi-sensors and heat detectors all seamlessly interfaced to a powerful C-TEC XFP 2-loop addressable fire alarm panel to provide fire and fault monitoring and the highest levels of fire protection.

Andrew Davies, MD of Ocon Fire and Security, the life-safety specialists who completed the installation said: “A key factor in our client’s specification of Hush Pro was the system’s ability to notify building management immediately in the event of a real fire and, at the same time, its potential to virtually eliminate false alarms.”

“Hush Pro’s unique capacity to differentiate between Fire Level 1, usually a false alarm reported locally in the dwelling, and Fire Level 2, almost always a real alarm activated outside of the dwelling, reduces false fire alarms, unnecessary call-outs and the risk of a real fire alarm being ignored. As our client required immediate notification in the event of a fire but also first-class false alarm management, Hush Pro proved ideal.”

Said Jeff Taylor, the MD of Cardiff-based Taylor Made Homes, the owner of the building: “Hush Pro is outstanding. The system provides residents with easy-to-use detection, alarm, silencing and test facilities so they can test their own devices, be alerted to system faults and hush any false alarms at the Hush Button which is positioned at light-switch level for safe and easy access.”

“The building inspectors and fire officers we’ve demonstrated the system to have been very impressed, not only by Hush Pro’s capacity to provide high levels of protection to fully comply with National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) guidance but also by the fact that it has been specifically designed to minimise the costly and massively disruptive false alarms commonplace in houses of multiple occupation.”

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