Safeguarding Synergy

C-TEC’s EP203 automatic extinguisher panel has been installed at Synergy House, a Tier II data centre in Manchester.

One of the country’s fastest growing internet providers, UK Grid’s high-technology facility is located at the city’s Science Park and has the capacity for up to 300 racks of IT equipment. Installed in the main communications/server room, C-TEC’s EP203 panel plays a vital role in safeguarding the company’s impressive 700sq ft data store.

Fully compliant with EN12094 part 1, the EP203 functions as a standard three-zone fire panel with extra circuitry for controlling the release of fire suppressing gas into areas where fires need to be extinguished quickly with minimal damage to equipment. The panel is just one of many safeguards in the facility – other protective equipment includes back-up generators should a mains power failure occur, security systems and a high-tech air-conditioning system designed for such facilities.

Says John Sweeney of Manchester Electrical Contractors, the company which specified the system: ‘Automatic extinguisher panels should be fitted as standard in rooms housing expensive, dangerous or irreplaceable items of equipment. In today’s IT based society, companies are keen to ensure that the technology they use is sufficiently protected or face thousands of pounds of equipment being damaged and hours of downtime’.

With the growing emphasis on safeguarding property as well as people, demand for automatic fire suppression systems is booming. Comments John: “We have noted a significant increase in projects specifying the installation of automatic extinguisher panels. We were particularly impressed with the C-TEC panel as the large graphical display makes it easy-to-install and operate.”