Sensational Steel!

C-TEC’s Quantec addressable call system is playing a key role safeguarding staff at a new Child and Adolescent Mental Health Inpatient Unit in Belfast.

Specifically constructed to provide Tier 4 and assessment services for young people aged 13 to 18, the new Beechcroft Unit now boasts an extensive range of C-TEC’s high-quality brushed stainless-steel Quantec call system components. The main building and two extended areas house three powerful Quantec controllers that constantly monitor all network devices and indicate the exact ID number of any faulty devices. A series of stainless steel door monitoring points prevent unauthorised exits from the purpose-built unit.

Said John Nesbitt of Atlas Fire and Security, the specialist installation company that completed the project: “The stainless steel system controllers are hard-wearing and ideal for this type of application. We adapted Quantec to meet the exact operational needs and precise layout of Beechcroft. Hence the project was highly successful.”

Dual action infrared/radio ‘staff attack’ transmitters ensure the safety and security of staff working both inside and outside the facility by providing effective, monitored and traceable protection. The moment a transmitter is activated, Quantec sounds an urgent piercing alarm throughout the building and shows the exact location of the incident on all relevant displays – including pagers if required – for the swift response of security staff.

Over 100 ceiling receivers are installed throughout the site ready to receive signals triggered by a member of staff’s infrared transmitter or pager in the event of an attack. The courtyard areas are fitted with radio receivers so staff can make standard and/or attack calls in external areas.