Smart Surveying!

Croft House Care Home

Croft House Care Home rated outstanding in care

C-TEC’s powerful new Quantec Surveyor2 Cloud-based data management software has been installed at Croft House Care Home in Yorkshire.

With its capacity to generate reports on busiest shifts, call response times, most frequently visited rooms and more, the owners and managers of the facility, Victoria and Giles Bateman say that Surveyor2 has revolutionised operations at their family-run residential care home, recently rated outstanding in care by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

Giles Bateman, owner and manager of Croft House care home

Said Victoria Bateman: “Providing outstanding care is fundamental to our core values and we are constantly asking for feedback from our residents. One area we identified as being vital to our residents feeling safe in their environment is their use of our Quantec addressable call system. The ability to make a call to a carer for help and be responded to in a timely fashion is very important to them and therefore very important to us too.”

“Since Surveyor2 was installed, we’ve been able to monitor and analyse the use of our call system on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We can print a variety of reports, covering different time periods, so we can see which of our 29 residents are calling, at what times of the day and, most importantly, our response times to those calls. We can also see, via the user dashboard, all live call system activity so we are aware of any potential issues before they become a problem.”

“Minimum and maximum response times have been set for each type of call, via the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) settings facility, to allow us to pinpoint where we need extra staff at busy times or identify areas where further training is required. We can also see which residents require more time, again allowing us to plan and allocate staff in the most effective way. Reports highlighting how often individual residents call has helped us identify times when they feel more anxious and we have been able to address those concerns.”

Surveyor screen

Kelly Flaherty, Deputy Manager, utilising Surveyor2

A secure Cloud-based system, Surveyor2 also allows email notifications to be sent to Croft House’s management team so they can monitor response times when not on site. As the system has remote access capabilities and displays ‘real-time’, call, reset and room occupancy information, the senior member of staff on shift can view the status of all current calls and respond accordingly if a call is taking too long to be answered.

Says Giles Bateman: “Our staff are all aware that we monitor response times and that they are accountable for their actions. Teams and different shifts are rewarded for excellent response times and areas of improvement recognised. Overall the system allows us to feel confident that our residents are receiving timely help when they ask for it.”

Says Kelly Flaherty, Deputy Manager at the home: “Surveyor2 has proved invaluable to us in reassuring patients, their relatives and regulatory authorities that we are delivering the highest standards of care and, during future inspections, will provide vital evidence that we are responsive, effective and caring, that all our residents are safe and that our facility is extremely well led and organised.”

Surveyor2 is designed to work with Quantec, C-TEC’s powerful yet easy-to-use addressable call system. With its flexible call routing, multiple call levels and laptop programmable systems controller, the system can be tailored to suit the exact operational needs of any building.