Star Performer!

A powerful network of C-TEC’s ZFP addressable fire panels is safeguarding Sunbury Manor School in Middlesex.

Programmed with sophisticated cause and effects to suit the school’s special requirements, the 4-loop touch-screen control panels connect to a series of detection devices including 250 of C-TEC’s EN54-23 certified visual alarm devices to provide top quality fire protection at the 1025-pupil capacity school.

The system also has a lockdown facility. In the event of a fast-moving incident, such as an intruder on site or a disturbance in the community, the panels will facilitate the school’s emergency lockdown policy. Two bespoke call points – one to trigger lockdown and one to indicate a bomb alert – have been incorporated into the panel’s programming. Each makes a distinct noise on activation to alert the teachers to act accordingly. 

Said Phil Layden of Chevron Alarms, the specialist fire company that installed the system: “We were asked to fit a completely new system at the school and C-TEC’s ZFP did everything we needed and more. The panels are very intuitive and easily handled the complicated cause and effects we were asked to program in to support the school’s security procedures. Crucially, the ZFP’s flexible modular nature means the network can be extended in the event of future building expansion.”