Super Software!

Surveyor2, C-TEC’s next-generation Cloud-based data management software has been installed at Parkdean Nursing Home in Belfast.

Located in the leafy suburb of Fortwilliam, the 65-bedroomed facility aims to deliver the highest standards of care to its residents and ensure that every effort is made to carry out the statutory requirements relating to care standards. Hence the decision to ask leading specialist life-safety company, Ashdale Engineering Ltd, to upgrade the home’s existing Quantec call system with Surveyor2, C-TEC’s innovative new Cloud-based data management software. 

With its user-configurable dashboards, key performance indicator settings and remote access capabilities, Surveyor2 allows care managers to take tighter control of their facilities and, crucially, provides a verifiable audit/evidence trail for relatives, staff and CQC inspectors. 

Said Dave Moore, Ashdale’s Team Leader: “The project was relatively straightforward as this was an existing system installed about 10 years ago. We were able to make it compatible with Surveyor2 by changing the control panel boards to the latest firmware and adding an IP access point to the system. We then migrated the program to the new boards by simply swapping the NVM chip. As the NVA chip had retained all its programming data, the existing call points, door monitors, corridor displays and other hardware continued to function without the need to replace anything. Once we had an IP access point and the network card installed, it was a straightforward process to commission the system and hand over to the client.  

“We specify Quantec as it’s very reliable with proven technology, competitively priced and, most importantly, constantly being refined by C-TEC. Clients find it easy-to-use but also feature rich to give them everything they need from a nurse call system. It’s wonderful that a system that was installed over 10 years ago can be enhanced with new replacement devices and easily upgraded to offer customers innovative new features via the latest software without having to replace the whole system. 

Adds Colin Simms, Ashdale’s Operations Director: “Quantec provides Parkdean with the highest levels of call communication and staff protection. Our client was also impressed by the fact that it is used throughout many nursing/care homes in Northern Ireland and is fully supported by our highly-trained Quantec engineers. 

“Surveyor2 is a revolution in call management. As it’s a cloud-based solution, managers and senior nursing staff have complete visibility of all site activity and can view the system remotely or on site using a PC, mobile phone or tablet for total flexibility and reassurance. Parkdean is just one of a number of projects in which we have implemented Surveyor2 and, without exception, we find that once clients start to use it they immediately see its value as a vital tool in managing their nursecall system. We are looking forward to rolling it out to all our Quantec users in the coming months.“

Said Stewart Bevan, Head of the home’s Facilities and Administration Department: “We are delighted with Surveyor2 as it provides a full profile of the time our staff spend with our residents. We pride ourselves on our timely and reliable responses to patient calls and the software backs this up. If there was a problem in the future, say a complaint regarding response times, we would be confident we could drill down and discover the exact chain of events and the time they occurred.”