The Bigger Picture!

Vue Westfield in London is the latest super-sized cinema to benefit from C-TEC’s life-safety systems.

Hailed as the biggest all-digital cinema in Europe, the giant 14-screen cinema is situated within London’s famous Westfield Shopping Centre.

C-TEC’s powerful Quantec addressable call system has been installed to provide alarm facilities in the cinema’s multiple disabled bathrooms. If a call is triggered by a call point or ceiling pull inside one of the bathrooms, the overdoor light and sounder outside will activate and staff will be alerted via the Quantec controller installed in the cinema’s reception.

A host of C-TEC’s innovative EN54-certified power supplies have also been utilised to power up the aspirating system which constantly tests and analyses the air for smoke traces. A SigTEL disabled refuge system is also in operation.

Complementing the life-safety systems is SigNET’s Integrity voice alarm system which provides an all-encompassing voice alarm, public address and background music solution throughout the cinema. In the event of an emergency situation, Integrity will act as a warning system to prompt people to evacuate the building and can also be used to make live announcements via its paging console.