Lights Camera Action!

Did you know that C-TEC has released a new series of videos aimed at raising awareness of hearing loops?

First up is “Hearing Loops Explained”, an excellent 4-minute overview of why hearing loops are used, how they work and how they can potentially transform the everyday lives of the hearing impaired.

We’ve also created two exciting new videos about phased array systems. The first, “What is a Phased Array Hearing Loop System”, explains why such systems are used in buildings with a high metal content or in arts venues, theatres and music rooms, where minimal overspill and consistent coverage throughout is essential.

The second, ‘How to Install a Phased Array Hearing Loop System’, stars our charismatic hearing loop expert, Tremayne Crossley, who demonstrates how he would typically install a floor level phased array system.

Said Andy Green, C-TEC’s Marketing Manager: “Our new videos are engaging, educational and an absolute must-see for anyone who wants to know more about hearing loop systems. We’ve also just uploaded a new updated version of our corporate video to the channel.”

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