C-TEC is preparing to launch a new Evacuation Alert System called EVAC-ALERT.

The new BS 8629:2019 gives guidance on Evacuation Alert Systems installed in blocks of flats to assist the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) in evacuating part or all of a building in an emergency.

C-TEC’s new EVAC-ALERT system can be used to create a simple-to-use BS 8629-compliant solution in any high-rise residential building. Housed in a robust vandal-resistant locked cabinet for use only by the FRS in an emergency, the control panel features an intuitive interface, bright LED indicators and easy-to-operate toggle switches for each evacuation zone.

Each panel can connect to an array of evacuation alert devices including sounders, visual alert devices and even vibrating devices and radio pagers to alert the deaf, hard of hearing or mobility impaired (see schematic below for a basic system overview).

Highly flexible, EVAC-ALERT is comprised of EN54-2/4 third-party certified components and can be used to create building-specific wired, wireless or hybrid evacuation alert systems in consultation with the relevant FRS.

Said Andy Scott, Projects Director at C-TEC: “As a leading manufacturer of world-class life-safety systems, C-TEC has an enviable reputation for delivering high-quality standard-compliant solutions at a competitive price. We’ve utilised our time-tested technology and expertise to create EVAC-ALERT, a system specifically designed to meet the exact requirements of BS 8629 and one which is certain to be of interest to landlords, property managers and local authorities keen to ensure their buildings fully comply with this new standard.”

For more information on EVAC-ALERT and/or to attend one of our ‘Guide to BS 8629 Evacuation Alert Systems’ seminars, please contact Brian Foster or your C-TEC account manager.

To download a copy of our EVAC-ALERT consultant specification click here.