System Solution

C-TEC has launched an EN54-13 certified conventional fire alarm solution specifically designed for the European fire detection and alarm market.

The solution features C-TEC’s award-winning CFP 2-8 zone conventional fire panel, an interface board and revolutionary EN54-13 fault-monitoring module which flags partial or ‘creeping’ open or short circuit faults before devices become inoperable.

Used in conjunction with C-TEC’s extensive and cost-effective range of ActiV fire detectors, sounders, VADs and call points, installers can be confident their systems are fully compliant with the system compatibility requirements of EN54-13 as demanded in the Netherlands and other Benelux countries.

Said Stuart Mason, C-TEC’s Export Business Development Manager: “EN54-13 calls for fire alarm system components to be tested as a system to ensure full functionality and compatibility. Although EN54-13 is not yet mandatory, our new BSI-certified system has been designed in response to the growing demand for such systems in Europe.”

To download a copy of C-TEC’s new EN54-13 brochure, click here for the English version and here for the Dutch version.