Global Supply Update

With supply issues continuing to impact on businesses worldwide, we wanted to update you on the situation here at C-TEC.

As with many in our sector, the fluctuating supply of components, especially semiconductors, has led to some of our suppliers not fulfilling their agreements with us in a timely and agreed manner.

Given the size of C-TEC’s product portfolio, this has been a particularly trying time for our purchasing, manufacturing and sales teams who have been working hard to ensure the impact on our customers is as minimal as possible.

C-TEC aims to provide a service from stock on many of its UK manufactured products but this is proving especially difficult at present. Component shortages have led to reduced production runs, reduced efficiencies, and an increased time to manufacture, the nett result being some temporary shortages of finished product.

Sadly, the global supply issues described above are unlikely to improve in the short term and although we are doing our very best to reduce their impact, some may be beyond our control. We undertake to advise you of any major issues as soon as possible.

On a positive note, at the time of writing we ARE able to manufacture virtually all of our product lines but not as quickly as we would like.

Could we please ask that you bear with us in these unprecedented times and give as much advance warning of your product requirements as possible so we can work with you to fulfil them.

Finally, may we take this opportunity to apologise for any delays you may have experienced, and for any surcharges incurred, which have been unavoidable due to supplier price increases we have faced.