Phase Power!

Phased Array Amplifier

C-TEC has launched a high-tech new range of dual phased-array hearing loops. 

Featuring an easy-to-use LED installer-friendly interface for fast and simple system set-up of input levels, output current, phantom power and metal compensation, the PDA/D range can cover areas up to 1000m2 and is available in free-standing or wall-mounted variants.

With Class D output stage for efficiency and superior audio processing and powerful CPU to provide life-like speech and first class music reproduction, the amplifier is also equipped with dual action automatic gain control to compensate for poor microphone technique. 

Said Andy Green, C-TEC’s Marketing Manager: “Easy-to set-up, cost-effective and far more compact that our existing DLR dual hearing loops, the PDA/D is ideal for high-profile professional projects where minimal overspill and consistent loop coverage is vital. We will also be releasing a range of non-phased-array professional hearing loops in the Spring.”

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