Clever Compliance

C-TEC’s new QT951 Quantec accessible toilet alarm kit is now available.

Created to meet rising demand for BS8300 compliant toilet alarms and designed for use with C-TEC’s powerful Quantec addressable call system, the QT951 allows people in distress to call for assistance and, crucially, provides audible and visual feedback within the WC that help is on the way.

Said Andy Green, C-TEC’s Marketing Manager: “The QT951 represents a cost-effective way of adding true BS8300 functionality to a Quantec addressable call system as it allows staff to send a confirmation signal to reassure the person in distress that assistance is coming.”

Trading at £85.49 and attractively packaged in a colourful display box, the kit contains three Quantec devices, the QT607 Quantec ceiling pull and two new products – a QT605S Quantec reset point c/w confidence sounder and a QT606S Quantec slave overdoor light c/w sounder. Also included is an accessible WC sticker and, for a limited period only, a free MRSA anti-bacterial pull cord pack. As all of the new devices are backwards compatible, the QT951 is ideal for new and existing Quantec installations.

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