Everyone’s call system

Quality Call Communication Technology

Quantec is a powerful yet easy-to-use addressable call system that helps ensure vital communication in any building. In environments where efficiency is paramount, Quantec delivers, saving staff time, minimising disturbance and improving the quality of patient, customer and employee care. Ideal for nursecall, dementia, staff protection, emergency assistance or affray applications, Quantec includes a host of individually programmable call points, displays, ceiling pulls, overdoor lights, monitoring points, infrared transmitters and more.

Clever communication

At the heart of every Quantec system is a Quantec controller. Each controller monitors all network devices, manages the routing and distribution of all calls and provides connections for network wiring, standby batteries, laptops (for system programming), paging and DECT telephone equipment, a printer and a PC (to run Quantec’s powerful Surveyor data management software).

Data protection

C-TEC’s revolutionary Surveyor2 data management software allows managers to take tighter control of their facilities. By generating reports on busiest shifts, call response times, most frequently visited rooms and more, Surveyor is invaluable for evaluating staff performance, reviewing user demands and determining optimum staff deployment/shift patterns.

On display

A selection of stylish corridor displays designed to alert staff to incoming calls in corridors, meeting rooms, nursing stations and more. Displays show call type, location and (depending on the device used to make the call) the ID or name of the person calling. Fed up of damaging expensive alphanumeric pagers in the sluice? A series of strategically placed Quantec displays makes the need for such equipment a thing of the past.

Loud and clear

Need to increase call indication levels in larger sites? Quantec’s overdoor lights and sounders can be set up to illuminate when a devices or series of devices is calling. Excellent for highlighting specific areas or as ‘follow me’ lights at the ends of corridors in care facilities, hotels, hospitals and more.

Call alert

Whatever the application, there’s a Quantec call point to suit. Select from our extensive range of button and magnetic reset call points, all available with or without a remote socket. Basic and advanced versions are available (advanced versions include an onboard sounder and infrared receiver). A range of attractive brushed stainless steel call points are also available.

On the pull

Designed to generate standard or ensuite calls on a Quantec system, our Quantec ceiling pull includes two BS8300 compliant pull bangles, 3m of pull cord and an ultra-bright confidence LED. An anti-bacterial pull cord pack is also available for use in hospitals, clinics or any other area where infection control is imperative to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Get kitted out

Created to meet the rising demand for BS8300 compliant accessible toilet alarms, our new QT951 represents a cost-effective way of adding true BS8300 functionality to a Quantec system. Not only does it allow people in distress to call for assistance, crucially it also allows staff to send a confirmation signal to reassure the person within the WC that help is on the way.

People protection

Protect personnel against aggressive visitors, distressed patients or intruders with Quantec’s all-encompassing range of infrared call points, ceiling receivers and radio receivers. Can be used in conjunction with our infrared/radio transmitters to remotely trigger calls in mental health hospitals, secure units, prisons and many other applications.

Keep Watch

Security an issue? Check out Quantec’s monitoring points. Brilliant for monitoring medicine cupboards, fire exits, cash offices and store rooms for unauthorised access, they can also be used for alerting staff to doorbell, telephone and machinery failure. Each monitoring point includes an isolating keyswitch should you need to use the protected area for a prolonged period of time.

Dementia designs

Quantec’s innovative and cost-effective dementia care products help meet the growing demand for innovations to aid people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other degenerative illnesses. Our enuresis (bed wet) sensors, bed/chair exit sensors, PIR power interfaces, floor pressure mats and LED lights can be easily interfaced to existing Quantec systems representing excellent value for money. For dedicated dementia care facilities, we even offer specialist dementia care controllers which were designed in conjunction with one of the UK’s most prestigious NHS Trusts.

Easy expansion

Enhance new and existing Quantec systems with our powerful range of universal programmable devices. From compact modules designed for interfacing to third-party switch assemblies to relay output modules for triggering strobes and autodiallers they allow Quantec to meet the requirements of virtually all standards including HTM08-03. Further system expansion can be achieved using our Quantec zonal indicators, printers and paging transmitters.

Second in command

A wide selection of slave devices allowing users to generate calls via a call point’s remote socket or other compatible interfacing device is also available. Choose from portable movement detectors, pressure pads and air switches, tail call leads, pressure mats and more.

Power to the people

With fire legislation in many countries now stating any power supply performing a mandatory function of a fire alarm system must be certified to EN54-4, C-TEC’s range of switch-mode VdS certified power supplies has come into its own. Ideal for controlling beam detectors, auto-dial communicators, aspirating smoke detectors, electromagnetic door holders, ventilation systems and more the range comprises 1.5A, 3A and 5A 24V units and a 2A 12V unit. A comprehensive range of non-EN54 PSUs is also available.

Stand by me

All life safety systems require a good quality standby battery supply. Whether it’s a fire panel, power supply, disabled refuge controller or even a third-party piece of equipment, our range of VRLA batteries can provide the power you need.