Meet the CAST®

The future of addressable
fire alarm systems is here!

The result of an intensive multi-million pound investment project, CAST is C-TEC’s own UK designed and manufactured ‘distributed intelligence’ addressable fire detection and alarm system. With a host of unique features to facilitate easy installation, servicing, maintenance and operation, CAST is the fire alarm system everyone’s talking about.

Powered and controlled by our robust ‘future-proofed’ CAST communication protocol (C-TEC Addressable System Technology), the system breathes new life into our XFP and ZFP addressable fire panels which integrate seamlessly with our vast array of “best in class” fire detectors, manual call points, sounders, VADs and interface modules.

Certified to all relevant parts of EN 54, including EN54-13 (system compatibility), CAST is available to order NOW!

Key Features

  • Fully compatible with C-TEC’s XFP & ZFP addressable fire panels
  • Up to 255 C-TEC UK manufactured CAST addressable devices per loop
  • Two ‘soft’ addressing options – manual via a powerful handheld programmer or automatic via an XFP or ZFP fire panel (allowing you to program an entire ‘one out, all out’ system at the touch of a button, with more sophisticated programming options implementable later).
  • Wide range of CAST field devices ranging from three programmable fire detectors, a sturdy flush or surface mounting call point, multiple fire alarm warning devices – including sounders, voice sounders and W, C & O Class VADS – a series of powerful interface modules and more!
  • 40V loop drive voltage to help ensure all devices work as expected even on long wiring runs
  • Autonomous decision-making for fast response times
  • Multiple type codes making the system easy to program and test
  • Powerful multi-level addressing to facilitate easy device addition and swapped device identification
  • Multiple volumes, tones & detector modes that can be easily changed at any CAST compatible panel via a PC laptop
  • High-speed data transmission and robust data transfer ensuring rapid response to fires, faults, pre-alarms and other system events
  • Reduced unwanted/false alarms – CAST’s optical and multi-sensor fire detectors feature smart transient rejection algorithms to negate the impact of sudden steam surges.
  • Primed for action – CAST’s heat detectors are embedded with our unique ‘HEART’ (HEat Analysis and Response Technology) algorithm to ensure they remain in a high state of readiness for any potential fire situation.
  • EN54-13 system compliance providing reassurance to all that the system’s components will work as expected
  • Geographical location of open and short circuit faults to speed up installation and maintenance times
  • The ability to easily accommodate spurs on retro-fit systems allowing the easy upgrade of existing systems
  • An intuitive replace device function
  • Powerful cause and effects allowing the system to be tailored to suit a specific application
  • ENVISION ENABLED – all CAST systems are fully compatible with C-TEC’s powerful Cloud remote access, data management & system testing software
  • Future seamless integration with other CAST life safety systems to reduce energy, servicing and installation costs

CAST away

The availability of our new CAST protocol takes the performance of our popular 1-2 loop XFP panels to new heights. Maintaining all of the qualities of our existing XFPs but with the added advantage of CAST’s 255 devices per loop and 40V 450mA loop drivers, never before has the installation of a high-quality and cost-effective addressable fire alarm system been so easy. Available as a low-cost single loop 16 zone panel in a plastic enclosure or a robust 1 or 2 loop 32 zone metal panel, the range offers an array of user and installer-friendly features and the ability to interconnect up to eight XFP main panels or eight XFP repeaters onto a two wire RS485 network.

From A to Z

Our super-advanced ZFP CAST 1-8 loop touchscreen-controlled fire panels represent a revolution in fire alarm system technology.

Certified to EN54-2, 4 and 13, they can be configured to suit any application ranging from a small ‘one out, all out’ system to a large multi-loop 64 node networked system with sophisticated cause and effects.

Everything about the ZFP’s unique full-colour touchscreen has been designed with its users in mind. Simply tap the option you require and away you go.

Powerful diagnostics, rapid loop learn, ‘SafeMode’ and a unique ‘DeviceManager’ function further combine to make the ZFP one of the most powerful control panels on the market.

Perfectly CAST

Optical, heat and multi-sensor fire detectors, all programmable to cover virtually every conceivable smoke and heat detector application. LPCB certified to the relevant parts of EN54, they include two ultra-bright LED indicator strips offering 360 degree visibility, an ingenious detector/base locking mechanism and an onboard short circuit loop isolator. With different sensitivity settings available for different times of the day and sophisticated algorithms designed to reduce false alarms without compromising on their ability to protect people and property, they are among the most powerful detection devices available.

Top CAST innovation

Our CAST surface mounting call point is no ordinary device. With an onboard short-circuit loop isolator, a smooth-action resettable element that mimics the feel of breaking glass, a photoluminescent operating window and a red LED ‘alarm ring’ that illuminates the call point’s face upon activation, it is without doubt one of the most eagerly anticipated detection devices on the market.

Super CAST combos

Utilising the latest advances in sounder and LED technology, C-TEC’s EN54 certified addressable Sounder/VADs are compatible with C-TEC’s entire range of ZFP and XFP CAST protocol fire panels. Three types are available – ‘Base’ – providing C-3-8 coverage and designed for use as part of a stacked sounder/VAD/detector base combination, ‘Hi-Output’ – a high-performance W-3.2-8.2 rated wall-mounting range and ‘Compact’ – a range of six variants offering C-3-8 or W-3-3.1 coverage. All models are available with or without an onboard sounder.

CAST iron connections

Ranging from standard and mains-switching I/O units, single and 4-8 way sounder controllers, a zone monitor and a mini I/O unit (all with onboard short-circuit loop isolators), our CAST interfaces are ideal for connecting to third-party equipment to carry out functions such as triggering rollershutter doors, gas shut-off valves, smoke vents and more.

Clever CAST programming

An easy-to-use handheld device programmer that assigns CAST detectors, manual call points, sounders, VADs and interface units with a User ID in seconds. Includes an integrated base for direct connection to CAST detectors, sounders and VADs and two jack sockets for programming CAST ancillary devices. Battery powered with an auto shutdown feature to preserve battery life, it can also be used to test devices by showing, for example, when a ‘smoked’ CAST detector has gone into alarm.

Envision Cloud Enabled

C-TEC’s XFP and ZFP CAST systems are compatible with our secure Cloud based remote access, service & site management software package. Add an ‘IoT’ Gateway Hub to a CAST system to unlock a host of features perfect for installers, maintainers, end users, duty holders & building safety managers.

Want to check the status of a system from a remote location? Not a problem! Wherever you are, ENVISION allows you to generate powerful site-specific reports that can be scheduled to arrive on your desktop daily, weekly or monthly to help demonstrate due diligence via a verifiable audit trail. Want fires, faults, tests and other system notifications to be sent in real time to a PC or smart phone? Job done! There’s even a powerful graphics module that allows you to monitor the progress of a fire as it happens on a user-uploaded site plan. Want evidence that a dwelling’s monthly tests are being carried out? It’s all there at the touch of button.

In an era when failure to carry out your fire safety responsibilities properly can lead to litigation, ENVISION not only makes your job easier, it provides indisputable evidence that you are carrying out your mandated duties effectively.

Case Studies

Click on the images below to see how CAST is becoming the fire alarm system of choice for buildings worldwide.

Northlands Corner,
Randburg, South Africa

Rublik Kindergarten,
Tõrvandi, Estonia

The Bear & Ragged Staff Hotel,
Cheshire, UK

Inospace Business Park,
Cape Town, South Africa

Stiller Warehousing & Distribution,
County Durham, UK

Victoria Court Shopping Centre,
West Yorkshire, UK

Free Hands-on Engineer Training

“I was astonished by the system’s functionality, it’s a game-changer.”
“CAST is going to save us hours of time and money.”
“We had a fully working one out, all out system set up in no time. Outstanding.”

Above are just a few of the feedback comments left by engineers who attended our free CAST training courses.

Available at our purpose-built headquarters in the North West of England or online, our one-day CAST course is designed to provide fire engineers with all of the knowledge they need to install and commission a CAST system quickly and efficiently.

Learn how our CAST protocol works and how our CAST powered control panels and field devices are helping to define the future of fire alarm systems across the globe. Visit our training page for details.

Download the Documentation

If you want to learn more about CAST’s versatility, download our sales brochures now. CAST XFP and CAST XFP/ZFP versions are available. Seen enough already and want to include an XFP or ZFP CAST fire alarm system in your next project? You can also download our consultant’s specifications here. Simply click on the relevant file and away you go!

XFP CAST Brochure

XFP CAST Specification


ZFP CAST Specification

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