Conventional Fire Systems

Tried, trusted, respected.

Far from conventional

C-TEC’s market-leading portfolio of conventional fire alarm equipment includes our award-winning CFP range of 2-8 zone fire panels, our ActiV range of ‘best in class’ fire detectors, sounders and visual alarm devices and a host of useful fire alarm ancillaries and power supplies. Everything we make is designed and manufactured at our state of the art headquarters in the North West of England meaning you can rest assured all of our products will integrate seamlessly. Thought C-TEC only made fire panels? Think again!

Pioneering Engineering

C-TEC’s super-enhanced CFP 2-8 zone fire alarm panel is the UK’s best selling conventional fire panel. Certified to EN54-2/4 by the LPCB and supplied in an attractive flush or surface mountable plastic enclosure, it includes four conventional sounder circuits, a fire relay, a fault relay, ‘class change’ and alert inputs and two open collector outputs (remote and reset). Designed with the installer in mind, it has a wide range of engineering functions including zone test, coincidence, zone delay and non-latching zones. Standard and non-expandable Economy versions are available.

Get ActiV

C-TEC’s ‘best in class’ ActiV fire detectors include a host of features installers love – plenty of working space, two ultra-bright LED indicator strips offering all-round visibility, an ingenious detector/base locking mechanism and compatibility with virtually all known conventional fire alarm panels. Certified to the relevant parts of EN54-5/7, optical, fixed heat, rate-of-rise and multi-sensor variants are available, all manufactured in the UK. It’s no wonder so many installers are switching to ActiV.

ActiV AV

As well as our ActiV fire detectors, C-TEC also manufactures a comprehensive range of powerful conventional audio-visual alarm devices. Offering up to 100dBA sound output and highly efficient light output, our wall, ceiling and ‘base’ mount sounders and visual alarm devices are all certified to EN54-3 and/or 23, made in the UK and available to purchase today. Voice sounders with the same electronics as our certified sounder VADs are also available.

Call me!

Our EN54-11 certified surface mount resettable call point mimics the feel of breaking glass. Featuring a photo-luminescent operating window that remains visible for up to 5 minutes and a red LED ‘alarm ring’ that illuminates the call point’s face upon activation, it is one of the most respected manual call points on the market. For further flexibility, optional flush mount plates (BF370SP) and protective covers (BF370SC) are also available.

Fire Away

Run out of sounder circuits? Devices triggering during routine maintenance? Got some equipment or log books you need to house in a durable enclosure? Need a remote indicator for an out of sight detector or a vibrating pillow pad to signal an alarm to the hard of hearing? From remote LED indicators to isolatable relays, hush buttons to sounder circuit extenders, C-TEC’s low-cost fire alarm ancillaries are among the most popular around. With tens of thousands already installed, they serve as practical, reliable and quality additions to any life safety system.

EN54-13 System Stability

Ever get asked for a fire alarm system that offers EN54-13 ‘system compliance’? If so, our new BSI certified interface boards are sure to be of interest. Compatible with our CFP 2-8 zone standard fire panel and a specified range of field devices, our new BF354 interface board and fault monitoring modules are able to detect and indicate partial or ‘creeping’ open or short circuit faults BEFORE devices become inoperable. Required by law in many Benelux countries, EN54-13 is also hitting the headlines here in the UK.

Power to the people

With fire legislation in many countries now stating any power supply performing a mandatory function of a fire alarm system must be certified to EN54-4, C-TEC’s range of Series 5 switch-mode digital hybrid LPCB/VDS certified power supplies has come into its own. Ideal for controlling beam detectors, auto-dial communicators, aspirating smoke detectors, electromagnetic door holders, ventilation systems and more, the range comprises 1.5A, 3A and 5A 24V units and a 2A 12V unit. A comprehensive range of non-EN54 PSUs is also available.

Stand by me

All life safety systems require a good quality standby battery supply. Whether it’s a fire panel, power supply, disabled refuge controller or even a third-party piece of equipment, our range of VRLA batteries can provide the power you need.



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    • Symphoni LX Wall Sounder VAD
      Order code: BF433C/F/7 Category:

      Certified to EN54 Parts 3 and 23 (AFNOR/VDS) and 13 (BSI). Provides W-2.4-7.5 coverage (switchable to W-2.4-2.5 if required). 100dB(A) sound…

    • BF431C/CR/3 Verso Base Sounder
      Order code: BF431C/CR/3 Category:

      Certified to EN54 Part 3 (BRE) and 13 (BSI). 88-93dB(A) selectable sound output. 6-12mA alarm current depending on setting. 32 tones.…