A stand-alone Grade C fire detection
& alarm solution for residential dwellings

What is Hush-ActiV?

Hush-ActiV is a stand-alone BS 5839-6 Grade C compliant residential fire detection and alarm solution from C-TEC specifically designed to better protect people and property. Easy to install and fully monitored for detector removal, wiring, PSU and battery faults, it includes easily accessible HUSH and TEST buttons to facilitate full compliance with the Equality Act and offers substantial benefits for residents, installers, landlords and more.

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Hush-ActiV represents a major evolution in fire protection for domestic dwellings.
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I'm an Installer - what does Hush-ActiV do for me?
  • Hush-ActiV is available in a variety of cost-effective kit formats to satisfy the requirements of any residential property
  • Easily wired using triple & earth – no need for expensive fire proof cable
  • Available through multiple outlets
  • Existing Grade D wiring can normally be utilised for retro fit installations
  • Availability of a décor plate allows marks left by older larger devices on retro fits to be easily disguised
  • Easily expandable using additional detectors & sounders in C-TEC’s ActiV range
  • Tough, durable British built equipment backed up by C-TEC’s solid technical support service
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are improving the grade of protection typically offered in residential dwellings

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I'm a Landlord - what does Hush-ActiV do for me?
  • Hush-ActiV’s low-level controller and optional visual alarm devices and vibrating pillow pads facilitate full compliance with the Equality Act
  • Superior level of protection – Grade C (monitored wiring) over Grade D (unmonitored) means residents and buildings are better protected. (Table 2 of BS9991:2015 (fire safety in the design, management & use of residential buildings) recommends building protection)
  • Reduced false alarms = less vandalism and less complaints from angry residents
  • No engineer access to dwellings is required to test the system (monthly occupant test is sufficient)
  • Low ownership costs (the 10 year removal stipulation of many Grade D systems does not apply)
  • Open protocol – no issues acquiring product from multiple outlets
  • Environmentally friendly – Hush ActiV uses less plastic, less power and only one 72 hour standby battery for the entire system meaning reduced running and disposal costs
  • Break glass call point(s) and IP rated sounders available for use on properties with balconies and other outside areas
  • Options to trigger other systems outside of a dwelling such as security or warden call systems
I'm a Supplier/Vendor - what does Hush-ActiV do for me?
  • Hush-ActiV offers a credible alternative to Grade D systems that typically only provide low margins
  • ‘Kit’ format makes the system easy to purchase, stock and sell
  • Any combination of detectors and alarm devices can be supplied in custom kits (including fewer or more fire detectors if necessary) – contact C-TEC for details
  • Full compatibility with C-TEC’s entire ActiV range of fire detectors and alarm devices
  • Free point of sale materials available on request
I'm a Resident - what does Hush-ActiV do for me?
  • Hush-ActiV is easy to operate – the system can be silenced, tested or temporarily isolated via its easy-to-access low level controller (no need for a ladder or chair).
  • Reassurance and protection for your family – the system’s devices and wiring are constantly monitored so you can take appropriate action should a fault be detected
  • Reduced false alarms and disturbance levels
  • Options for vibrating pillow pads & visual alarm devices for the hard of hearing
  • Straightforward maintenance – the system uses just one battery for the entire system which is housed in its low level controller
  • Hush-ActiV’s devices are smaller and of a higher specification than most other residential fire alarm devices so they are less prone to false alarm due to steam, etc.
  • Hush-ActiV’s sounders operate at lower frequencies that penetrate walls and doors better so are more likely to wake sleeping people
  • A monthly occupant test confirms the system’s alarm devices are working as per the requirements of current British standards

Case Studies

Here are just a few sites where Hush-ActiV is helping residents feel safer.

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Want to know more about Hush-ActiV and how it raises the level of fire protection in a residential dwelling from Grade C to Grade D? Why not attend our free online Hush-ActiV seminar? Contact your C-TEC Account Manager for details.

Download the spec

Seen enough already and want to include HUSH-ACTIV in your next project? Download our HUSH-ACTIV consultant’s specification here

In Summary

Hush-ActiV represents a major breakthrough in domestic fire alarm systems because:-

  • It’s safer – Hush-ActiV raises the typical level of fire protection in a dwelling from BS 5839-6 Grade D (unmonitored Mains/Battery Alarms) to Grade C (monitored wiring and a central controller)
  • It has easy-to-access user controls – the system’s low level controller means there’s no need to stand on a chair to Test or Silence devices
  • It’s monitored – All field wiring is monitored for open and short circuit faults and the system’s standby battery and PSU are also monitored for faults
  • It’s environmentally-friendly – Hush-ActiV offers a 50% reduction in the mains power consumption of a typical Grade D system, uses less plastic and requires only one replaceable lithium-ion battery per system
  • It has low lifetime ownership costs – the system’s separate fire detectors and sounders are less expensive to replace than Mains/Battery Alarms and all smoke detectors have built-in drift compensation to increase service life expectancy
  • It requires no intrusive BS 5839-1 maintenance visits – a monthly user/occupant test is sufficient
  • It can be used to upgrade a Grade D System with ease – Hush-ActiV utilises the same wiring scheme as most Mains/Battery Alarm solutions
  • It is less prone to false alarms – The EN54 design of its detectors make it less likely to false alarm