Quantec Accessible Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit

  • A cost-effective expansion kit that adds true BS8300 compliant accessible toilet alarm functionality to a Quantec Addressable Call System.
  • Includes a QT607 ceiling pull unit, a QT605S reset point c/w confidence sounder, a Quantec slave overdoor light c/w sounder and an NC949 Accessible Toilet Sticker.
  • Allows people in distress to call for help quickly and easily.
  • Call acknowledgement function provides audible & visual feedback inside the WC that help is on the way (see Operation section below).
  • Staff can ‘Accept’ alarm calls at a Quantec display.
  • Multiple kits can be used on one Quantec system.
  • Includes a free MRSA resistant anti-bacterial pull cord pack (for a limited period only).
  • Backwards compatible.
  • Must be used in conjunction with at least one Quantec Controller.


Technical Specifications
Mains supply

Internal power supply

Total output current limited to

Quiescent current

Zone current

Max battery size and type

Alarm current

Auxiliary relays



Expansion connections

Onboard Sounder

Onboard Infrared Receiver

Product dimensions (mm)

Packaging dimensions (mm)

Construction & finish

IP Rating


Operating conditions/temperature



QT602/606/607/609 Quantec Call Point & Slave Device Instructions – DNU6020001


QT607 Ceiling Pull Instructions – DNU6020012


QT605S Accessible Toilet Reset Point Instructions – DNU6050000


EU Declaration of Conformity – QT951 Accessible Toilet Alarm (DoC)


NCP Pull Cord Connection Details – DNU0000013



The default operation of the QT951 is as follows:-

1. The distressed person raises an alarm by pulling the cord on the QT607 Ceiling Pull Unit.

Inside the WC:-

• The red reassurance LED on the QT607 Ceiling Pull Unit and the reassurance LED and sounder on the QT605S Reset Point c/w Sounder pulse Quantec’s standard call sequence (0.5 seconds on and 0.5 seconds off) to reassure the user the call has been registered.

Outside the WC:-

• The Alarm LEDs and sounder on the QT606S Overdoor Light c/w Sounder pulse Quantec’s standard call sequence (0.5 seconds on, 0.5 seconds off) and a message appears on all relevant Quantec displays (as programmed) to let staff know someone is in need of assistance.

2. The member of staff responding to the Alarm call presses the ‘Call Accept’ button on a Quantec Display

Inside the WC:-

• The reassurance LED and sounder on the QT605S Reset Point c/w Sounder pulse Quantec’s Call Acknowledged sequence (0.5 seconds on, 3 seconds off, red/green) to let the user know help is on the way.

3. Once assistance has been provided, the Alarm call is cancelled from inside the WC by pressing the ‘RESET’ button on the QT605S Reset Point c/w Sounder

Inside and outside the WC:-

• All relevant indicators, display messages and sounders are extinguished and the calling device returns to its normal state.

If the RESET button on the QT605S is NOT pressed when in the call acknowledged state, after a period of 1 to 8 minutes (as programmed) it generates another Alarm/Standard call on the system.