Quantec Radio Receiver

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  • Designed for use with Quantec’s QT412 & QT432 range of infrared/radio transmitters and pendants.
  • Operates at radio frequency (RF) 868.3 MHz,
  • Allows standard, help required, emergency and/or attack calls to be generated from external areas such as car parks, loading bays, etc.
  • Typical RF coverage is 60m (depending on physical conditions & environmental factors).
  • Optional external extension aerial (QT422RXEX) can increase coverage to up to 90m.
  • Test Mode allows localised transmitter/receiver testing.
  • Optional QT421 RF Integrity Transmitter can be used to send regular test transmissions to the Receiver to ensure it is operational (a fault is flagged if a transmission is not received).
  • Can be configured to receive calls from certain transmitters only via an RF grouping facility.


Technical Specifications
Quiescent current




Onboard 6.35mm Remote Jack Socket

Onboard Sounder

Onboard Infrared Receiver

Product dimensions (mm)

Construction & finish

IP Rating


Operating conditions/temperature

QT422RX Radio Receiver Instructions – DNU0422000 333.69 KB Download
EU Declaration of Conformity – QT422RX Radio Receiver & QT421 Heartbeat Transmitter (DoC) 161.35 KB Download
UKCA Declaration of Conformity – QT422RX Radio Receiver & QT421 Heartbeat Transmitter (DoC) 100.81 KB Download
Dimensions & Mounting Information
Product dimensions: 271 W x 200 H x 73 D mm. The receiver must be surface mounted internally, ideally on a flat horizontal surface in the building’s roofspace overlooking the area requiring RF coverage. Avoid locating too close to large metallic objects (such as a metal clad roof) and thick structutal walls. If this is unavoidable, consider using the QT422RXEX external extension aerial instead of the mini-aerial supplied.
BIM/CAD Drawings

QT422RX Radio receiver BIM (RFA)