Ten Way Charger for QT412 Range Transmitters

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  • A ten-way plugtop charger designed for use with Quantec’s QT412 range of IR/RF transmitters.
  • Can simultaneously charge up to ten transmitters.
  • Connects to a standard 13A mains socket using the standard IEC lead supplied
  • Can be wall or desk mounted to suit the transmitter storage/charging requirements of a particular site.
  • Fully recharged transmitters can be left connected to the charger with no detrimental effect.
  • 14 hour typical charging time (full cycle). 
  • Indicators confirm when charging is complete.
  • 10-way version also available (order code QT424/10).



QT424/10 Charger Instructions – DNU0424000


EU Declaration of Conformity – QT412 IR Transmitters (DoC)