Quantec Surveyor Data Management Software

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  • Allows detailed reports on all aspects of a Quantec system’s call activity to be sent direct to a PC’s desktop.
  • Provides valuable information on call history, busiest shifts, staff response times and more. 
  • Allows management to take tighter control of their care facilities.
  • Ideal for evaluating staff performance, reviewing patient demands and determining labour levels/shift patterns.
  • Requires a PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
  • Free software updates available at www.c-tec.com

DID YOU KNOW a new version of our Surveyor data management software (Surveyor2) complete with user configurable dashboards, Key Performance Indicator settings & remote access capabilities is now available? Click here for details.



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Spares & Accessories
SAF7070000  2m programming lead (4-way molex to 9-way RS232 ‘D’ female). Supplied in the XFP507 kit.
BF232 RS232 to USB convertor (allows SAF7070000 to connect to PCs with a USB socket). Not supplied in the XFP507 kit.