Quantec Surveyor2 ‘IOT’ card + 12 months Surveyor2 access

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  • A secure remote Cloud based data management software solution for C-TEC’s Quantec Addressable Call System.
  • One QTS2/5 IOT card required per Quantec Controller. Once connected, provides 12 months access to our Surveyor2 monitoring service (yearly renewal fee applies, see Order Codes & Pricing tab below).
  • Allows detailed reports on all aspects of call system activity to be accessed onsite or offsite via an internet browser.
  • User configurable dashboards, Key Performance Indicator settings and remote access capabilities.
  • Provides valuable information on call history, busiest shifts, staff response times, busiest rooms and more.
  • Ideal for evaluating staff performance, patient demands and determining labour levels/shift patterns.
  • Price includes 5 user accounts with full mobile device connectivity – click for details our Surveyor2 Mobile Device App.
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Order Codes & Pricing

One QTS2/5 ‘IOT card’ is required per Quantec Controller. Service Providers can then upgrade the number of mobile connections required on the system via their Provider account. The ony item that needs to be purchased in the first instance is the QTS2/5. Please note, the Quantec Controller’s firmware must be version 10A9 or above. Contact your account manager if you have an older version. Prices are correct as at 19/5/2023.

Initial Cost Options

Order CodeDescriptionTrade GBP
QTS2/5IOT card and 12 months Surveyor2 access for 5 users (Includes IOT card, unlimited web browser access, emailable reports and 5 mobile device connections for push/SMS messaging). 769.19
QTS2/2012 months Surveyor2 access for 20 users (Includes unlimited web browser access, emailable reports and 20 mobile device connections for push/SMS messaging).129.28
QTS2/4012 months Surveyor2 access for 40 users (Includes unlimited web browser access, emailable reports and 40 mobile device connections for push/SMS messaging).193.91

Ongoing Cost Options

Order CodeDescriptionTrade GBP
QTS2Y/5Additional 12 months access to QTS2/5 package for 5 users484.79
QTS2Y/20Additional 12 months access to QTS2/5 package for 20 users646.38
QTS2Y/40Additional 12 months access to QTS2/5 package for 40 users743.34
Why Quantec Surveyor2?

Next Generation Data Management Technology

Available now – a new version of C-TEC’s Quantec Surveyor data management software complete with user configurable dashboards, key performance indicator (KPI) settings, remote access capabilities and more. Surveyor II has been designed to help healthcare managers and building owners take tighter control of their care facilities.

A Verifiable Audit Trail

If used to its full potential, Surveyor II will provide care facilities with a verifiable audit/evidence trail for relatives, staff and Care Quality Commission inspectors and will help improve staff efficiency, reduce operational costs and potentially save an organisation thousands of pounds.

A secure Cloud-based system that is accessible on or off site, all you need is a Quantec Addressable Call System, a TCP/IP interface board with a data connection to the internet, a PC or other device with an internet browser and away you go.

With additional options for emailable reports and push or text messaging to mobile devices, it truly is the future of call system data management software.

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Key Features

  • Generate detailed data analysis reports in seconds
  • Secure Cloud based system – all information is encrypted and available to view on site or off site to authorised users at no extra cost
  • Output reports on patient engagement times, busiest shifts, response times by hour of the day and more
  • Visual overviews of a patient’s call system activity over a 24 hour period
  • See how your care facility is performing against set response time targets and track improvements over a set period
  • User dashboard gives an overview of ‘live’ call system activity to make you aware of potential issues before they become a problem (e.g. calls that have breached their target response times).
  • Effectively evaluate staff performance, patient demands, labour levels and shift patterns
  • Optional push or text messaging to mobile devices

Examples of Surveyor II in use

Example of a user dashboard – Call ‘widgets’ will illuminate red if an active call has breached its target response time. The red priority alert bar at the top of the page is user configurable to highlight specific events as the user sees fit.

User dashboard

Example of the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) settings page – Surveyor II allows users to set targets for call level responses, i.e. the site’s standard call target response time may be 3 minutes minutes, its max response time for standard calls may be 5 minutes. Different response times can be set for different call levels.

KPI screen

Example of a site performance report calculated using a site’s KPIs – the more green shading the better as this shows KPIs that were met. Amber shows calls that have gone past the target response time but are less than the max response time. Red shows calls that have breached the max response time.

Site performance

Example of a patient’s call system activity over a 24 hour period. This is shown visually in a graph and in text. The more activity by a patient, the ‘busier’ the graph will be. Each call level is colour coded.

Call activity

Busiest patients and locations – Surveyor II calculates the total time staff have been engaged with a patient (this is from the moment a call has been answered until it is reset (e.g. it also takes into account presence time). This will allow homes to identify their most demanding patients.

Busiest locations

Example activity by hour of the day report – Surveyor II maps all call system activity by hour of the day.

Hourly activity

Example Care Quality Report – gives a snapshot summary of the quality of care being provided by the care facility based upon set targets.

Hourly activity

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