Hi-Output W-2.4-8.2 IP55 Wall VAD c/w 103dB(A) Sounder

Order code: BF433A/CX/DR/65 Category:
  • An IP55 version of our popular W.2.4-8.2 Wall VAD & Sounder.
  • Provides ‘W-2.4-8.2’ light distribution when wall mounted (min 0.4 lux over a 2.4m x8.2m cuboid area) using the same lens and electonics as our EN54-23, 3 & 17 certified Hi-Output Sounder VAD.
  • Impressive 103dB(A) sound output @ 1m.
  • Onboard short-circuit loop isolator.
  • 550µA quiescent current.
  • 14mA alarm current @24V DC (VAD lit, sounder on max).
  • Group addressing facility allows multiple devices to be operated simultaneously.
  • 7 selectable volume levels and up to 15 selectable tone pairs.
  • IP55 rated.


XP95/Discovery Hi-Output Sounder VAD IP55 Instructions – DFU4300010 2.25 MB Download
EU Declaration of Conformity – XP95/Discovery Hi-Output Sounder VADs (DoC) 164.00 KB Download
UKCA Declaration of Conformity – XP95/Discovery Hi-Output Sounder VADs (DoC) 164.31 KB Download
VAD coverage (with multiplication factors applied)

VAD coverage depends on factors such as ambient light and viewing angle (direct or indirect). The table below summarises how the coverage of the BF433A/CX/DR increases or decreases based on these factors. To use the table, calculate the lux level of the area requiring coverage, determine whether the viewing angle will be direct or indirect then read off the coverage in the relevant column. For further information refer to our VAD System Design Guide, downloadable from the Documentation tab below.

Lux level in area requiring coverage W-2.4-8.2 Wall Mounted Direct Viewing W-2.4-8.2 Wall Mounted Indirect Viewing W-4-4 Wall Mounted Direct Viewing W-4-4 Wall Mounted Indirect Viewing
000-101 lux 12.5m H x 42.6m W 4.3m H x 14.8m W 20.8m H x 20.8m W 7.2m H x 7.2m W
101-200 lux 10.6m H x 36.1m H 4.1m H x 13.9m W 17.6m H x 17.6m W 6.8m H x 6.8m W
201-300 lux 7.7m H x 26.2m W 3.4m H x 11.5m W 12.8m H x 12.8m W 5.6m H x 5.6m W
301-400 lux 5.5m H x 18.9m W 2.9m H x 9.8m W 9.2m H x 9.2m W 4.8m H x 4.8m W
401-500 lux 4.3m H x 14.8m W 2.4m H x 8.2m W 7.2m H x 7.2m W 4.0m H x 4.0m W
501-600 lux 3.1m H x 10.7m W 2.1m H x 7.4m W 5.2m H x 5.2m W 3.6m H x 3.6m W
601-700 lux 2.4m H x 8.2m W not applicable 4.0m H x 4.0m W 2.8m H x 2.8m W
701-800 lux not applicable not applicable 2.8m H x 2.8m W not applicable