Apollo Discovery Optical Smoke Detector

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  • A high specification programmable opticial smoke detector with drift compensation.
  • Fully compatible with C-TEC’s XFP & ZFP XP95/Discovery Addressable Fire Panels.
  • User programmable to operate in one of five sensivity modes (e.g. Mode 1 will give a higher senstivity to fire than Mode 5).
  • Works using the light scatter principle and responds well to slow-burning, smouldering fires.
  • Remote test feature.
  • Red LED illuminates when the detector is in alarm.
  • Certified to EN54-7 by the LPCB.
  • Requires a 45681-210APO standard base or 45681-242APO low power relay base.
  • ‘Xpert’ card addressed for speedy installation.
Operating Modes

The modes of operation for this detector, selectable from the XFP or ZFP control panel, are:-

Mode Alarm Threshold (%/m) dB/m Min. time to Alarm
1 1.4 0.06 5 seconds
2 1.4 0.06 30 seconds
3 2.1 0.09 5 seconds
4 2.1 0.09 30 seconds
5 2.4 0.11 5 seconds

Compensation rate complies with EN54-7.