ZFP 4 Way Detector Zone and 2 Way Conventional Sounder Circuit PCB (full size)

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  • A powerful expansion PCB for use with a ZFP addressable fire panel.
  • Provides four monitored conventional Zone circuits and two 1A 6K8 rated conventional sounder circuits
  • All circuits fully monitored and programmable via the ZFP’s PC Tools.
  • Requires a separate EN54-4 PSU mounted external to the panel.
  • Up to 10 conventional detection devices per Zone.
  • Programmable via the ZFP’s PC Tools.
  • Polling, Power and separate Sounder Circuit activated indicators.
  • Up to 15 A-BUS Expansion PCBs can be connected to a ZFP Panel via its RS485 A-BUS network.
  • Typically installed within the ZFP panel but can work up to 1 KM away for non-EN 54-2 functions.



ZFP Apollo Fire Panel Engineers Manual – DFU5000503


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