ZFP Touchscreen Controlled Addressable Fire Panel (Large Cabinet)

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  • A feature-rich touchscreen-controlled addressable fire panel available with 2, 4, 6 or 8 Apollo XP95/Discovery compatible loop drivers (see Key Features section for a full list of ZFP features).
  • Multiple off-the-shelf variants or build your own panel using our ZFP selection charts.
  • Rapid loop learn, flexible cause & effects and powerful system diagnostics.
  • Hi-integrity fault-tolerant RS485 networking option allows up to 128 network nodes (64 main panels and 64 Compact Controllers).
  • Optional ‘A-Bus’ expansion PCBs, paging and graphic interface facilities.
  • Intuitive PC programming tools.
  • Standard and Medium sized ZFPs also available with 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 loops (1 loop variants in standard cabinet only).
More Information

ZFP Fire Panel

Blank Module

  • Touchscreen control module (Z41)
  • 5 x Blank modules (ZBLANK)
  • 5A EN54-4 PSU (BF362-3/E)

Loop variants

2 Loop
4 Loop
6 Loop
8 Loop

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Need a panel with more Zonal LEDs, additional relays or extra sounder circuits? Why not build your own ZFP using our ZFP Large Panel Selection Chart? Simply select the Switch & Indicator Module(s) and A-BUS PCB(s) you need and we’ll do the rest – building, testing and shipping the panel to you in no time at all.

Technical Specifications


Mains supply

Mains rated current

Internal power supply

Total output current limited to

Battery charge capacity

Quiescent current

Max battery size and type

No. of loop drivers

Max. loop output current

Max. loop length

Max. addressable devices per loop

No. of conventional sounder circuits

EOL resistor value

Max. sounder output current

Auxiliary relays

Other outputs

Auxiliary inputs

PC connection

Pager/DECT connection

Graphics interface/diagnostics connection

Network connection




Expansion connections

Product dimensions (mm)

Construction & finish

IP Rating


Operating conditions/temperature

1 Loop Variants

2 Loop Variants

4 Loop Variants

6 Loop Variants

8 Loop Variants

ZFP Apollo Fire Panel Quick Start Installation Guide – DFU5000504 1.13 MB Download
ZFP Apollo Fire Panel Engineers Manual – DFU5000503 7.82 MB Download
ZFP Apollo Fire Panel Quick Start Users Guide – DFU5000502 673.39 KB Download
ZFP Apollo Fire Panel User Manual/Log Book – DFU5000501 2.56 MB Download
App Note – Installing ZTOOL Drivers – DFU0000500 115.54 KB Download
App Note: Adding a Keyswitch on a ZFP – DFU5010055 790.26 KB Download
App Note: Adding a New Zone on ZFP – DFU5010061 578.96 KB Download
ZFP ZTOOLS Programming Manual – DFU5000515 7.05 MB Download
Z41 Naming Template – uncontrolled document 46.50 KB Download
ZFP Zone Naming Template – uncontrolled document 63.50 KB Download
ZFP Keyswitch Naming Template – uncontrolled document 41.00 KB Download
Dimensions & Mounting Information
Product dimensions: 450 W x 960 H x 200 D mm.
Hole required for semi-flush mounting: 456 W x 966 H x 195 D mm. Requires ZBEZL bezel.
Optional ZBEZDL/SS Glazed Stainless Steel Frame and ZVWL Vision Window also available (see Accessories tab for details)
BIM/CAD Drawings

Z0250000L/X (large cabinet) BIM (RFA)


Why ZFP?

“The advent of an easy-to-program fire panel with powerful capabilities is long overdue. I anticipate that the invention of the ZFP will revolutionise the fire industry by heralding a new era of touchscreen controlled ‘super power’ fire alarm technology.”

Taking Fire Alarm Technology to a new level

Every once in a while a product comes along that lifts existing, respected technology to another level. C-TEC’s ZFP is one such product.

Created with the input of some of the world’s leading fire alarm and life safety experts, the ZFP is the powerful touchscreen controlled fire alarm panel that everyone’s been waiting for.

Designed and built in the UK, the panel can be configured to suit any application. From small ‘one out, all out’ systems to large multi-loop networked systems with sophisticated cause and effects, the ZFP can handle them all – with ease.

“The look, feel and design of the ZFP’s touchscreen is a big step-forward for end users, installers and service technicians alike. Accessing the panel’s functions is simplicity itself and it includes a number of smart functions that help save valuable time.”

Touch and go

Everything about the ZFP’s unique full-colour touchscreen interface has been designed with the user in mind.

Simply tap the option you require and away you go. Whether you’re the responsible person on site, the installer, the commissioning engineer or the emergency services, you can access the information you require quickly and easily – all at the touch of a virtual button.

Powerful diagnostics, rapid loop learn, ‘SafeMode’ and a unique ‘DeviceManager’ function combine to make the ZFP one of the most user friendly control panels on the market.

“The modular nature of the ZFP means I no longer need to worry about a design brief changing at the last minute. The risk of being stuck with a rigid, inflexible system has vanished. What’s more, unplanned changes can be accommodated at a later date so the whole system is future proof.”

Mix and match

Mix and match is the name of the game with the ZFP and, with three master cabinets to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice.

Depending on the cabinet you choose, extra indicator and switch modules can be added, along with additional loop driver PCBs, high-integrity network PCBs, ‘A-BUS’ peripheral PCBs, flush mounting bezels, glazed stainless steel frames and more.

With a wide range of ‘off-the-shelf’ ZFPs also available, getting the panel you need for a specific application has never been easier.

“The last thing our clients want after spending a fortune refurbishing their premises is an unsightly fire panel spoiling the space. The availability of a Compact Controller effectively gives our clients the best of both worlds – quality fire protection that looks well designed and integrated.”

Cleverly compact

With its classy Compact Controllers, the ZFP not only does the job, it looks the part too.

Worried that your plush new reception area is going to be compromised by an ugly metal box in the main entrance? Think again! The ZFP’s optional state-of-theart

Compact Controllers are stylish, smart and can actually enhance the design of a building’s reception area and access points. Simply locate the main panel out of sight and let the ZFP’s modern high-tech Compact Controllers add a touch of class to your surroundings.

“The ZFP’s 64 node peer-to-peer networking capacity is outstanding. It means that I can create a high integrity fire alarm and detection system with up to 12,800 zones and over 64,000 loop devices without compromising on quality. Superb!”

Nifty Networking

Never before has networking a fire panel been so trouble-free.

Creating a sophisticated fire alarm system for an airport, hospital, university, tower block, hotel, football stadium or other large building is just a few steps up from establishing a simple ‘one out, all out’ system for a small factory unit.

Up to 64 eight-loop panels can be interconnected over the ZFP’s high-integrity fault tolerant network. This versatility, coupled with the ability to assign individual zones across the network and add up to 38 characters of custom text per device means letting the emergency services know the precise location of a fire has never been easier.

“I don’t make fire panels, I install them, but this is the fire panel I would have designedif I was an R&D engineer. The ZFP has virtually every feature you can think of and its touchscreen interface makes installation, commissioning and servicing very easy.”

And that’s not all!

For specialist installation companies and commissioning engineers, the ZFP has no equal.

Features such as a fully filterable 20,000+ event memory, optional paging facilities, powerful 500mA loop drivers with plug-on connectors, spacious cabinets with a 20-way earth bar, the ability to achieve up to 72 hours standby in a standard cabinet and intuitive PC programming tools combine to make the ZFP a very special fire panel indeed.

All this and full compliance with EN54 parts 2 and 4 means that the ZFP is rapidly becoming the fire panel of choice for the fire industry worldwide.

Approval Certificates
Intertek Third Party Approval Certificate – ZFP XP95/Discovery Fire Panels to EN54-2/4 242.98 KB Download
EU CPR Certificate of Conformity – ZFP XP95/Discovery Fire Panels (CoC) 1.11 MB Download
EU Declaration of Conformity – ZFP XP95/Discovery Fire Panels (DoC) 82.10 KB Download
EU Declaration of Performance – ZFP XP95/Discovery Fire Panel (DoP) 179.03 KB Download
UKCA CPR Certificate of Conformity – ZFP XP95/Discovery Fire Panels (CoC) 179.47 KB Download
UKCA Declaration of Conformity – ZFP XP95/Discovery Fire Panels (DoC) 172.15 KB Download
UKCA Declaration of Performance – ZFP XP95/Discovery Fire Panel (DoP) 319.38 KB Download
Key Features
  • Apollo XP95/Discovery protocol.
  • Attractive 450 W x 960 H x 200 D mm cabinet (small and medium sized cabinets also available).
  • 2, 4 , 6 or 8 loops
  • Up to 64 eight-loop peer to peer panel network capacity.
  • Hi-integrity and singlepath networking options.
  • Very flexible cause and effects.
  • Wide range of Switch & Indicator modules.
  • Multiple ‘A-Bus’ expansion PCBs (I/O Units, Relays, etc).
  • User-friendly full colour touchscreen with dynamic buttons and virtual QWERTY keyboard.
  • Up to 100 separate and programmable zonal LEDs (200 on medium and large sized cabinets).
  • 10,000 programmable and indicatable detection zones.
  • Up to 38 characters of custom text per loop device.
  • Automatic daylight saving (BST/GMT) mode.
  • 20,000+ event memory (filterable by fire, fault & date).
  • Non-fire supervisory event functionality.
  • Optional thermal printers.
  • Well-designed cabinets with easily removable electronics chassis.
  • 20-way heavy-duty brass earth bar as standard.
  • 72-hour standby (+ 30 min alarm) in standard cabinets.
  • Built-in loop status & current-reading.
  • Powerful engineering and commissioning functions including SafeMode and DeviceManager.
  • Attractive Compact Controllers.
  • Wide range of flush-fit bezels and attractive glazed stainless steel frames
  • FULLY compatible with C-TEC manufactured addressable ancillaries (Hush Buttons, Sounders, Voice Sounders and Beacons)
  • Powerful and intuitive PC programming tools • Wide range of supported languages