ZFP Hi-Net Multi-Path Fault Tolerant Network PCB

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  • Allows the interconnection of up to 64 ZFP Main Panels (any mix) and up to 64 ZFP Compact Controllers over a two-wire RS485 ring-wired, multi-path, fault-tolerant ‘Hi-Net’ network.
  • One ZHN required per ZFP Main Panel (ZFP Compact Controllers include a ZHN PCB as standard).
  • RS485 Protocol.
  • Max. cable length between nodes = 1KM
  • Max. cable length of entire network = 128KM
  • For retrofits, multiple ZHNs can be wired in a non-fault tolerant, single-path network configuration (Max. 8 nodes; Max length of entire network must not exceed 1KM).



ZFP Apollo Fire Panel Engineers Manual – DFU5000503


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