4 Way CAST Conventional Zone Converter

Order code: CA740 Category:
  • Facilitates the upgrade of a multi-zone conventional fire alarm system to an addressable CAST system utilising pre-existing wiring.
  • Loop powered with an onboard short circuit loop isolator and four zone circuit isolators to maintain compliance with EN 54-2.
  • Supplied as a 4 zone unit, extendable to 8 zones using a CA740PCB extender PCB (the extra PCB is housed in the same enclosure but is allocated a separate loop address by the CIE).
  • Maximum number of CAST devices on a single loop = 255 (including the CA740).
  • Ideal for use on retrofit sites where conventional devices are being replaced in situ with addressable devices and the existing wiring needs to be retained.
  • Maintains loop and individual zone circuit integrity.
  • Plastic enclosure provides ample space to connect loop and zone cabling.
  • No end-of-line devices, PSU or batteries required.