Flood Sensor (CAST/Hush-Pro Compatible)

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  • A C-TEC manufactured flood sensor specifically designed to connect to a CAST or Hush-Pro I/O unit to signal an alarm condition when water is detected.
  • Mounts vertically with the sensor’s exposed PCB tracks at floor level.
  • Removable low and side entry bungs allow water to enter the device in a flood situation. 
  • When water is detected the sensor will send an alarm signal to the connected I/O unit which will in turn report it to its CIE.
  • Resets when the I/O unit is commanded by the CIE to reset its zone circuit.
  • Compatible with C-TEC’s CA730 CAST I/O module, the CA731 CAST mains switching I/O module, the CA732 CAST zone monitor module, the HP731 Hush Pro FL1 Mains Switching I/O Module and the HP732 Hush Pro FL2 Mains Switching I/O Module.