CAST-PRO Black Smoke + Heat Multisensor

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  • A programmable CAST-PRO smoke & heat multisensor fire detector in a black housing designed to detect real fires quickly and reduce false alarms effectively.
  • Certified to EN54-5, 7, 17 & 29.
  • Compatible with C-TEC’s ZFP touchscreen-controlled CAST protocol addressable fire panel.
  • MASC™ (Miniature Advanced Smoke Detection Chamber) and AFFIRM™ algorithms provide incredible tolerance to false alarms whilst enhancing the detection of real fire conditions.
  • Drift compensation functionality.
  • Onboard short circuit loop isolator.
  • Includes two 8mm x 2mm ultra-bright red LED indicating strips.
  • Multiple detection modes.
  • <1mA alarm current.
  • 570uA typical quiescent current @ 40V DC.
  • Compatible with C-TEC’s CA408 CAST base c/w integrated locking mechanism & ID tag.


CAST-PRO Brochure – DML0551600 92.00 KB Download
CAST PRO Device Instructions – DFU4110010 260.78 KB Download
CAST PRO Polar Diagrams – DFU4110010 280.79 KB Download
Approval Certificates
EU Declaration of Performance – CAST-PRO Fire Detectors (DoP) 180.20 KB Download
Detection Modes

The default detection mode for the CP414B is Mode 7. This is Normal Sensitivity Smoke (0.24dB/m; 5.4%) + A1R heat.

Full options are:-
Mode 1: High Sensitivity Smoke (0.1dB/m; 2.3%) – no heat.
Mode 2: Normal Sensitivity Smoke (0.24dB/m; 5.4%) – no heat.
Mode 3: Heat Only A1R – no smoke.
Mode 4: Heat Only A2 – no smoke.
Mode 5: Heat Only B – no smoke.
Mode 6: High Sensitivity Smoke (0.1dB/m; 2.3%) + A1R heat.
Mode 7: Normal Sensitivity Smoke (0.24dB/m; 5.4%) + A1R heat.
Mode 8: Normal Sensitivity Smoke (0.24dB/m; 5.4%) + A2 heat.