ZFP Compact Controller (Flush). CAST protocol

Order code: ZREP1F/CA Category:
  • An optional CAST ZFP network device that can be used as a traditional but compact repeater panel with added functionality.
  • Includes a Z41 Touchscreen Control Module and ZHN ‘Hi-Net’ multi-path fault-tolerant network PCB.
  • Housed in an stylish flush mounting plastic enclosure measuring just 214mm x 178mm.
  • Can be used to an enhance a building’s reception area and access points (locate your main ZFP panels out of sight and let our ZFP Compact Controllers add a touch of class to your surroundings).
  • Full Access Level 2 functionality (silence, disable, reset, etc).
  • Requires a separate EN54-4 boxed PSU such as C-TEC’s BF360-24 1A 24V boxed PSU.
  • Up to 64 Compact Controllers can be connected to a ZFP network (each controller classed as 1 network node).
  • Glazed stainless steel frames (ZBEZDC/SS) and vertical and horizontal alignment plates (ZMBOXAL & ZMBOXAS) also available.


Dimensions & Mounting Information
Product dimensions:214 W x 178 H x 70 D mm..
Hole required for flush mounting:176 W x 162 H x 55 D mm. No bezel required.
Horizontal (NCBOXAS) and vertical (NCBOXAL) alignment plates are available for applications where you wish to locate a Compact Controller alongside a 20, 40 or 100 Zone ZFP Indicator Module. A glazed stainless steel frame (ZBEZDC/SS) is also available to protect the Controller from vandalism or tampering.
BIM/CAD Drawings

ZREP1F (flush mounted) BIM (RFA)