Remote Sounder

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  • Can be connected to any multi-zone 800 Series Call Controller, Master Indicator Panel or Switchable Sounder to increase call indication levels.
  • Indicates Standard calls via a constant tone and Emergency calls via a pulsing tone.
  • No more than two remote sounders should be connected to the hosting device.
  • When connected to an NC887D Switchable Sounder, switching the NC887D off will also disable any remote sounders connected to it.



NC888D Remote Sounder Instructions – DNU8884100


EU Declaration of Conformity – 800 Series Overdoor Lights & Sounders (DoC)


Dimensions & Mounting Information
Product dimensions:87 W x 87 H x 24 D mm. Mounts on a 25mm UK single gang back box.
BIM/CAD Drawings

NC888D Flush mounted BIM (RFA)


NC888D Surface mounted BIM (RFA)


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