ActiV Conventional C-3-8.5 Base VAD c/w 96dB(A) Sounder

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  • Third-party certified to EN54-3 (Sounders) and EN54-23 (VADs).
  • Provides ‘C-3-8.5’ light distribution (min 0.4 lux over a 3 x 8.5m cylindrical area).
  • Impressive 96dB(A) sound output @ 1m.
  • Includes 31 selectable primary tones and an optional secondary tone.
  • Two volume levels (high and low)
  • Three selectable VAD flash rates (0.5Hz, 1Hz, OFF)
  • Alarm Current at 30Vdc = 12.2mA (0.5Hz) or 19.5mA (1Hz)
  • Alarm Current at 18Vdc = 14.5mA (0.5Hz) or 25mA (1Hz)
  • Optional BF330CTLIDW white or BF330CTLIDR red cap available for stand-alone use.
  • Supplied with a BF431QCP quick connect plate and detector spur wires.
  • IP21C rated.


ActiV Conventional Sounders & VADs Brochure – DML0547900 2.25 MB Download
CFP ActiV Conventional Fire Alarm System Short Form Brochure – DML0549400 2.53 MB Download
ActiV Base Sounder VAD Instructions – DFU4311000 473.92 KB Download
ActiV Base Sounders Polar Diagram – DFU4311010 267.81 KB Download
BF431QCP Quick Connect Plate Instructions – DFU4310020 364.29 KB Download
Approval Certificates
LPCB Third Party Approval Certificate – ActiV Conventional Sounder/VADs to EN54-3/23 352.97 KB Download
VdS Third Party Approval Certificate – BF456C/CC/W ActiV Base Sounder VAD to EN54-3/23 1.28 MB Download
EU CPR Certificate of Conformity – BF456C/CC/W ActiV C-3-8.5 Base VAD c/w 96dB(A) Sounder (CoC) 184.87 KB Download
EU Declaration of Conformity – ActiV Conventional Base Sounder VAD (DoC) 74.38 KB Download
EU Declaration of Performance – ActiV Base Sounder VADs (DoP) 102.36 KB Download
UKCA CPR Certificate of Conformity – BF456C/CC/W ActiV C-3-8.5 Base VAD c/w 96dB(A) Sounder (CoC) 195.97 KB Download
UKCA Declaration of Conformity – ActiV Conventional Base Sounder VAD (DoC) 116.92 KB Download
UKCA Declaration of Performance – ActiV Base Sounder VADs (DoP) 345.90 KB Download
VAD coverage (with multiplication factors applied)

VAD coverage depends on factors such as ambient light and viewing angle (direct or indirect). The table below summarises how the coverage of the ActiV BF456C/CC/W increases or decreases based on these factors. To use the table, calculate the lux level of the area requiring coverage, determine whether the viewing angle will be direct or indirect then read off the coverage in the relevant column. For further information refer to our VAD System Design Guide, downloadable from the Documentation tab below.

Lux level in area requiring coverage Ceiling Mounted Direct Viewing Ceiling Mounted Indirect Viewing
000-101 lux 8.3m H x 23.8m W 3.9m H x 11.3m W
101-200 lux 7.2m H x 20.4m H 3.6m H x 10.2m W
201-300 lux 5.7m H x 16.1m W 3.0m H x 8.5m W
301-400 lux 4.2m H x 11.9m W 2.4m H x 6.8m W
401-500 lux 3.3m H x 9.3m W 1.8m H x 5.1m W
501-600 lux 2.7m H x 7.6m W 1.5m H x 4.2m W
601-700 lux 2.1m H x 5.9m W not applicable
701-800 lux 1.5m H x 4.2m W not applicable
BIM/CAD Drawings



HP456C/CC/W with lid BIM (RFA)


Tone List

Here is a list of the 31 primary tone options available on this product (note that Tone 0 = sounder OFF).

Primary Tone List

1. C-TEC Evacuation Tone (UK)

Tone: 610Hz for 0.5s, 810Hz for 0.5s

2. Alert (ALL)

Tone: 825Hz, 1s on, 1s off

3. C-TEC Fast Warble (UK)

Tone: 810Hz for 0.25s, 610Hz for 0.25s

4. Medium Sweep (UK)

Tone: 800 – 970Hz at 1Hz

5. Dutch Slow Whoop (sweep) (NL)

Tone: 500-1200Hz for 3.5s, 0.5s off

6. DIN Tone (DE)

Tone: 1200Hz – 500Hz for 1s

7. Swedish Alternating Tone (SWE)

Tone: 660Hz, 150ms on, 150ms off

8. Swedish all clear (SWE)

Tone: 660Hz constant on

9. Swedish Local Warning (SWE)

Tone: 660Hz, 1.8s on, 1.8s off

10. Swedish Pre-mess (SWE)

Tone: 660Hz, 6.5s on, 13s off, 20s period

11. Swedish Turn Out (SWE)

Tone: 554Hz for 1s, 440Hz for 1s

12. Swedish tone (SWE)

Tone: 660Hz 0.5s on, 0.5s off

13. Evacuation Tone (Apollo Comparable) (UK)

Tone: 550Hz for 0.5s, 825Hz for 0.5s

14. Alternating (Hochiki/Fulleon Comparable) (UK)

Tone: 925Hz for 0.25s, 626Hz for 0.25s

15. French Fire Tone (FR)

Tone: 554Hz for 100ms/440Hz for 380ms to 420ms

16. Australian Alert Tone AS1670 (ISO7731) (AUS)

Tone: 420Hz 0.625s on/off

17. Australian Evacuation Tone AS1670 (AUS)

Tone: 500 – 1200Hz, 0.5s/0.5s off x 3/1.5s off

18. Aus (fast rise sweep) (AUS)

Tone: 3x(500-1200Hz for 0.5s), 0.25s off

19. NZ (slow rise sweep) (NZ)

Tone: 500-1200Hz for 3.75s, 0.25s off

20. US Temporal LF (ISO 8201) (USA)

Tone: 3x(970Hz, 0.5s on, 0.5 off), 1s off

21. US Temporal HF (ISO 8201) (USA)

Tone: 3x(2850Hz, 0.5s on, 0.5 off), 1s off

22. Simulated Bell (USA/General)

Tone: n/a

23. Singapore Alert Tone (SG)

Tone: 1kHz, 2kHz 0.5s alternating

24. PFEER Alert Tone (ALL)

Tone: 950Hz, 0.25s on, 0.25Hz off

25. PFEER Alert Tone (ALL)

Tone: 970Hz, 1s on, 1s off

26. ISO 8201 (ALL)

Tone: 970Hz, 0.5s on/0.5s off x 3/1.5s off

27. ISO 8201 (ALL)

Tone: 2850Hz, 0.5s on/0.5s off x 3/1.5s off

28. Misc Tone 1 (ALL)

Tone: 925Hz continuous

29. Misc Tone 2 (ALL)

Tone: 975Hz continuous

30. Misc Tone 3 (ALL)

Tone: 2850Hz continuous

31. Fast Sweep (ALL)

Tone: 2.5-2.85kHz at 9Hz

In addition to the above primary tone options, one optional secondary tone is available, see below. Please refer to the device’s wiring instructions for details on how to select this.

Optional Secondary Tone

Tone: 2.5-2.85kHz at 9Hz