CFP Relay Output Card (Reset, Fault, Aux. & Remote Relay Outputs)

    • An optional system expansion device for use with CFP Standard 2-8 Zone Fire Panels or CFP AlarmSense 2-8 Zone Fire Panels.
    • Provides four panel-controlled volt free relay outputs (reset, fault, aux. fire and remote).
    • PCB mounts inside the CFP fire panel.
    • Reset relay is active during the panel’s reset cycle.
    • Fault relay is active in any fault condition. This relay is failsafe and normally energised – if power is removed from the panel the relay will changeover to produce a fault signal.
    • Aux. fire relay is active in an alarm condition provided all relevant delays have expired.
    • Remote relay is active during any Alarm Condition provided all relevant delays have expired.
    • Outputs are NOT designed to switch mains voltages.